About The Money Personality Assessment

Welcome to The Money Personality Assessment™! With the help of Dr. Kirk Cameron, Statistical Scientist, we developed this tool to provide insights into how you think about and deal with money. This straight-forward assessment will take you less than 15 minutes to complete, and the results will profoundly impact your relationship.

The Money Personality Assessment™ is just one of the tools The Money Couple® offers to help couples build a strong, healthy Money Relationship™. Everything we do as The Money Couple® is the result of our combined four decades in the financial planning industry and our passion for bringing the divorce rate down and making marriages work. Time and time again, we’ve seen couples’ relationships improve drastically when they learn that they each view money differently, and that money impacts every decision they make. When they work together knowing their Money Personalities™ they are able to reclaim their newlywed hopes and dreams.

A quick look at how we got to this point:

2005: We had such a great time planning our wedding that we thought it would be fun to write a book about putting a wedding together without tearing each other apart. We put together a proposal and sent it out to publishers.

2006: We got a call from one of those publishers, David C. Cook Publishing. But they wanted us to go beyond wedding planning and instead write a book about finances. We knew there were already plenty of books about money management, but nothing about the way money impacts relationships. They agreed and we became The Money Couple®.

2007: Our first book, Cents and Sensibility: How Couples Can Agree about Money was released with David C. Cook. It was the first time we introduced the idea of Money Personalities™.

2008: The book lead to speaking opportunities, counseling sessions, and more writing. All of which helped us refine the idea that everyone has both a Primary and a Secondary Money Personality™. In our conversations with couples around the country, we also saw that Financial Infidelity was ruining marriages. We knew we could help.

2009: Our second book, First Comes Love, Then Comes Money was published with HarperOne. This time we dug into the ugly truth behind Financial Infidelity, helping couples heal the wounds in their Money Relationship™ through the Money Dump™, the Money Huddle™, and Fighting Fair.

2010: We continued to host seminars, meet with couples, and build our website. Through all of this, we saw a need to help couples understand that money impacts every part of their life together. We fine-tuned our message to help couples recognize that the way they deal with those money decisions is called their Money Relationship™.

2011-12: Enjoyed working on our next book and the Love & Money Lifestyle Series. The book, called, The 5 Money Personalities: Speaking the Same Love and Money Language (Thomas Nelson), is loaded with the latest research, new tools, relationship building exercises, and ideas to help couples build a strong, healthy Money Relationship™. The Love & Money Lifestyle Series is a 90-day program that takes couples through the details of learning their Money Personalities™, discovering their Opposite Dynamic™, and learning to overcome Financial Infidelity. We encourage couples to Make it Happen!

2013: The release of our latest book, The 5 Money Personalities:
Speaking the Same Love and Money Language
(Thomas Nelson) and The Love & Money Lifestyle Series. We’re so excited to share our most recent discoveries with you and help make your Money Relationship™ stronger than ever. Get timely tips on our Facebook page and Twitter , and our website is ready 24/7 to be the ultimate resource for you and your spouse.

Congratulations on taking this step!

Make it Happen,

The Money Couple®
Scott & Bethany Palmer

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