Begin With the E.N.D. In Mind

One of the biggest mistakes couples make when it comes to money is to worry and obsess about finances to the point where it becomes all consuming. After all doesn’t every decision we make as a couple always come back to money? Why don’t we be intentional, talk about it, and get it out in the open so we can stop the fights, stop the questions and become closer as a couple. That’s why we advise you, as a couple, to plan regular conversations about your finances. We call them Money Huddles because they’re an opportunity to talk through your money relationship.

Before we dive into the details of the “Money Huddle” it is imperative to understand what a money relationship is. When you hear the words “money relationship” what comes to mind? If you’re like most couples, you might think about your budget, your retirement savings, or even the fights you have about money. But when we talk about a money relationship, we’re talking about something that goes far beyond your checkbook or bank balance. We’re talking about the way each of you think about and deal with money. Your views on money impact every decision you make as a couple from the big stuff like houses and cars to the mundane details like the kind of coffee you drink and the brand of shoes you wear.

Make it Happen!

The Money Couple
Scott & Bethany Palmer