10 Ways to Guarantee You’ll Pay Your Child’s Bills Forever

Getting money from Dad

This article originally appeared on PittsburghParent.com

Does an “empty nest” equal an empty bank account? It doesn’t have to. But a nationwide trend shows over two-thirds of parents over the age of 50 financially supported a child older than 21 in the last five years.  The practice is so common psychologists named this period of extended child dependency “emerging adulthood.”

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Getting an F in Marriage?
How to Get an A Today!

Having a discussion

This article originally appeared in Your Tango

While our kids are eagerly anticipating summer vacation, in one state, parents considering a divorce are going back to school.

Oklahoma lawmakers signed a bill requiring divorcing couples with children under the age of 18 to complete a mandatory educational program. We guess parents are not going to be thrilled about this forced enlightenment and yet compatibility with your spouse is a critical subject. And it’s one you can pass with flying colors without government intervention if you complete these three homework assignments:

1. Anticipate Problems: Marriage is difficult! Anticipate problems. We are not trying to be negative, but problems exist in all marriages. No one marries someone who thinks and feels exactly as they do. No one. And yet we are often surprised when conflict arises in our homes.

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Money Woes Hurting Your Marriage? 2 Clever Ways To Talk About It


Originally appeared in Your Tango

Your mother was right—you need to think before you speak.

So, why isn’t it that simple? Maybe mama didn’t know your spouse is so frustrating! Or, that money would be so tight in your marriage. Maybe mom didn’t know that you want what you want, when you want it. (Hmm … actually, we’re guessing she probably did on that last one).

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