Is My 5 – 25 Year Old Entitled? 5 Ways To Know

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“Reprinted from original article in Your Tango

Once upon a time, parents feared their children wouldn’t have enough. Now we fear our kids have way too much. You want to give your child every advantage you never had, but where is the line between investing in their growth and happiness and raising an entitled brat?

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3 Tips To a No Sweat Christmas


Happy Thanksgiving!!! Let the Shopping for the Holidays begin…. The day after Halloween everything was gone and the Christmas decorations were up.   Kohl’s, Macy’s, and JCPenney’s will all be open on Thanksgiving – all to lure us in for the spendiest season of the year. The average family spends $786 dollars and every store is in a race for those dollars NOW!

So before you head to Wal-Mart at 2 in the morning or make sure that you are the first into Macy’s on Thanksgiving Day, here are three tips to make sure you are ready to go and will have a smooth spending and Holiday season:

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Know Your Kid’s Candy Eating Approach


Happy Halloween, everyone! Candy and fun are in the air — but what does that have to do with raising money smart kids? EVERTYHING ☺ We are excited to share with you a Your Tango article that has been getting a lot of “buzz” and teaching many about the power of observing your kid’s candy eating habits in a whole new way.

By the way, we are starting a new “Raising Money Smart Kids” series. If you have kids or grandkids you don’t want to miss this. Be sure to sign up today.

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3 Tips to Survive a Lopsided Money Relationship


A couple of weeks ago we were walking off the Denver Everyday TV show set. Chris Parente, the host of the show, suggested we give tips to couples who have a big difference in the amount of money they each make. We LOVE hearing your Money Relationship Questions!

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3 Ways to Heat Up Your Relationship!


Ok, we get it! Making time for date nights is hard especially with all the commitments and pressures of life and work. But we also have to remember that we fell in love with one another because we spent quality time together. We went on adventures, went to movies, and had long walks in the park. All of these experiences contributed to why we fell in love in the first place. [Read more...]