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  • The Code Has Been Cracked – How to Bring Love and Money Together

    Quick: When you hear the words “money relationship” what comes to mind? If you’re like most couples, you might think about your budget, your retirement savings, or even the fights you have about money. But when we talk about a money relationship, we’re talking about something that goes far beyond your checkbook or bank balance. We’re talking about the way each of you think about and deal with money. Your views on money impact every decision you make as a couple from the big stuff like houses and cars to the mundane details like the kind of coffee you drink and the brand of shoes you wear.

    If you and your partner are struggling with money issues, if you’re constantly fighting about your finances, if you just can’t seem to get on the same page financially, the problem isn’t your budget. The problem is that your money relationship is broken. And the best financial plan won’t change a thing.

    The solution to your money problems isn’t a better budget or less debt. It’s to reclaim your money relationship. You can do that by learning to understand how each of you view money and how you make financial decisions.

    Get started by taking a short inventory of your money relationship. Have you ever wondered about any of the following?

    • Why doesn’t my spouse care about how much it costs to go out to dinner?
    • Why doesn’t my spouse take our finances seriously?
    • Why do I feel like my spouse wants to control our finances?
    • Why won’t my spouse let me take some risks with our money?
    • Why can’t we ever get ahead?
    • Why does my spouse think it is okay to just pay the minimum balance on our credit card?
    • Why do I always feel like I am under a magnifying glass when I spend money?
    • Why don’t we have enough in savings?
    • Why don’t we just buy generic brand products?

    If any these sound familiar, then it’s time to get to know your partner in a whole new way! In our next Money Couple Minute, we’ll show you how to understand yourself and your spouse and help you approach everyday financial decisions in a way that will bring you closer, keep the love alive, and give you the relationship you always dreamed of.

    Make It Happen!

    Scott and Bethany Palmer
    The Money Couple

    Money Huddle Tip: At your next Money Huddle, read the definition of a “money relationship” and rate yours on a scale of 1-10.  Now both make a commitment to improving your score by your next Money Huddle.

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