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The 5 Money Personalities – Speaking The Same Love And Money Language Base Study with DVD’s plus Guidebooks – Faith Based


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Enjoy harmony and understanding in your marriage when you learn new ways to communicate about daily money decisions. Every day you and your spouse face decisions about how to spend your money. Dinners out or meals at home, big vacation or a travel video, home-brewed coffee or lattes on-the-go? And every day, you choose differently, often resulting in frustration, hurt feelings or even fights. In their DVD series, Nationally-televised authors and speakers, Scott and Bethany Palmer, The Money Couple™, explain game-changing ideas that will improve your marriage and permanently eliminate the source of any money tension in your life.

Observe 12 energetic and engaging sessions and see couples just like you learning a new, successful way to communicate about money. Use the guidebooks to make notes, answer questions, and complete each session’s activities.

  • Identify your spouse’s Money Personalities
  • Learn about Opposite Dynamics
  • Stop relationship killers
  • Learn how to fight fair
  • Tackle financial infidelity
  • Practice The Money Dump™ and The Money Huddle™
  • Handle challenges like gift-giving and holidays with The 5 Money Personalities™ Survival Guide

See eye-to-eye on day-to-day spending decisions and acquire practical tools to discuss your differing money personalities to help you enjoy your money, together.

“Our greatest joy as The Money Couple is to help spouses understand the unique ways they deal with money and show them how to honor those differences and reclaim their dreams for their future together.”

“ … when God gives any man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his lot and be happy in his work – this is a gift from God.”  Ecclesiastes 5:19-20