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The 8 Minute Opener – Discover Your Clients Money Personalities

Attention: Financial Professionals – Financial Advisors, CPA’s and the like


Secure your position as your clients’ trusted expert when you share this new way to communicate about daily money decisions. Nationally-televised authors and speakers, Scott and Bethany Palmer, The Money Couple™, explain game-changing ideas that will permanently improve your clients’ marriage ensuring enhanced, positive communication about their financial matters.  They will:

  • Identify spouse’s primary and secondary Money Personalities™
  • Discover if their Money Personalities™ are similar or different
  • Relate to money squabble stories from other couples
  • Learn about Opposite Dynamics
  • Tackle financial infidelity
  • Practice The Money Dump™ and The Money Huddle™
  • Handle challenges like gift-giving and holidays with The 5 Money Personalities™ Survival Guide