The “Come Back Kid” Trend

college students moving

3 Tips to Survive Your Kids Moving Back in With You There is no debating that things have been tough for kids graduating from college the past 8 years. Here is a statistic we recently stumbled across:

Dating Couples Love to Talk About Money

Dating Couples Fight, The Money Couple

Dating? When and How to Have the Dreaded “Money Talk” You’ve been dating and are starting to be filled with hope and excitement as you think about your future together. Where would you live, what kind of family would you have, what kind of adventures would you experience, and how would you handle your money […]

Kids Don’t Save

Boy Flexing

3 Tips to Turn your Kids into Saving Machines According to our research one third of America has a Primary Saver  Money Personality (not to mention one third of you have Saver as your Secondary Money Personality).  That’s the good news! The flip side of that is that two thirds of us don’t. The old […]

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

whats love got to do with it

3 Tips from Our Money Magazine Article We were pretty pumped to pick up a copy of the most recent Money Magazine and guess what??? The 5 Money Personalities is featured! Have you picked up your copy yet? We couldn’t be more delighted to see a national magazine devoting their whole issue to Love and […]

Will Summertime Break Your Bank?

Don't let summertime break the bank

3 Tricks to Curb Summertime Spending The heat isn’t the only thing that climbs each summer – expenses can too. It is so easy to overspend during the summer. With more spare time, and the hope of keeping everyone entertained, your money can dissolve like a popsicle in a toddler’s fist.