have fun with your tax refund

3 Ways to Have Fun with your Tax Refund

This year the IRS expects to receive more than 147 million tax returns. Of those filing returns, at least 75% will receive a refund. Good for you if you already have your check and didn’t file last minute. Your CPA loves you. For the rest of us? We wish we were more like you. Here’s the issue: 75% of us will get some money back, but 0% of us agree on how we should spend it. We say, invest in your relationship and have fun with your tax refund!

Your tax refund CAN bring you happiness!

Here are three tips to spend your tax refund and have fun:

  1. Financial CrisisCheck off the “shoulds” – Not so fast! Take half of the money and take care of a “should” or two. “Shoulds” are things like pay down a credit card, fund an IRA, or set up a college fund, or even add to your emergency fund. These are all considered “fun” for a Security Seeker.
  2. Satisfy all 4 of your relationship’s Money Personalities – Remember that your “fun” is probably different then your honey’s “fun.” That’s right. Each Money Personality looks at extra money differently. (Tweet this) Find all four of the Money Personalities in your relationship and be sure each is satisfied:
    • Savers – Whatever you do, get a good deal
    • Spenders – Be sure to spend it
    • Risk Takers – Try a new adventure
    • Security Seekers – Put some away for a rainy day
    • Flyers – Do something together
  3. Compromise – The reason that so many couples argue about money is because we have lost the art of compromising. (Tweet this) That’s right – take half of the money and take care of a “should” or two; take the other half and satisfy BOTH of you.

Do you have any other ways to “Guarantee Divorce?” We want to tell others so we have a chance to stop it. Let us know in the comments below.

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Make it Happen!

Scott & Bethany
The Money Couple®
Creators of The 5 Money Personalities™

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