survive back to school spending

3 Success Hacks to Survive Back to School Spending

It’s that time of year again. Back to school spending … I mean shopping.

In our home, there’s a little bit of grieving going on as well. With school getting ready to start in two weeks, it means our summer is over. I, Scott, for one am bummed.

back to school spending

Back to school is often associated with arguments, budget busting, and misery. This year, our boys’ lists had over 28 items on them! It’s crazy, not to mention expensive. The average family spends $688.62 to send their kid back to school. It’s the second largest expenditure after Christmas. And, if your kids are like ours, they are drawn to the most expensive version of school supplies whether it’s a backpack, water bottle, or pen.

How do you keep your budget intact, your Money Relationship humming along, and your kids happy while getting the necessary supplies?

We talked about this with Chris and Kathy recently on Denver’s Everyday show. You won’t believe the experiment Bethany did with the boys. Click below to see what happened.

Back to School Spending

Would you do what Bethany did for back to school shopping? What other hacks do you practice to keep your budget intact? Tell us about them in the comments.

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