3 Fun Ways to Spark Romance

The pressures of life and work create a challenging environment for romance, don’t they? Making time for date nights is hard. We get it. Let us help you put the spark back into your romance.

Think back to when you first fell in love with one another. You couldn’t wait to spend time together—long walks in the park, movies, dinner, coffee—it didn’t really matter what you did, you just wanted to BE together. These experiences contributed to why you fell in love, and they are worth continuing, no matter how long you are together.

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Not long ago, we were stunned by a conversation with a recently divorced gentleman. He said he and his now ex-wife hadn’t dated in years. Seriously?! What would have happened in their marriage if they had kept dating?

We know that keeping Date Night alive in our relationship is absolutely crucial to a close intimate relationship.

Date Nights can sizzle!

Here are 3 dating tips to keeping date nights fun and romantic:

1.  Take turns planning your dates

This way each person can be satisfied. For example, the Security Seeker can choose a “predictable date” one week, and the Flyer can pick something spur of the moment the next. Or the Spender could pick something lavish one week and the Saver could choose a cheaper picnic the next. Be sure to be supportive of each other’s ideas; it’s a great way to keep the romance alive.

2.  Be creative & fun

Life is busy and sometimes we forget to add the “spice” into our relationship. Don’t do the same old boring dates. Instead, add something new and different into the mix to surprise each other. Take a drive to somewhere you have never gone before. Go to that new restaurant you have been wanting to try. Find a local concert that seems enticing. Have fun!

3.  Prepare “date in the bag”

Here’s a fun date idea for the Spender and Saver Money Personalities. One person surprises the other with a brown paper bag (or colored if you like) filled with gift cards for a date. A movie, a favorite restaurant, or maybe just dessert. The bottom line is it keeps the Saver happy and on budget and the Spender gets to use a gift card and spend. Enjoy!

BONUS: Go out on a double date. One way to keep the sparks flying in your relationship is to go on a date with another couple. It helps you have a context to really appreciate who you fell in love with.

We can’t leave you without saying … You know those Money Personalities we mentioned above? Be sure to understand how they work in your relationship — pick up a copy of our book, The 5 Money Personalities, and watch your love come alive.

How do you add sizzle and fireworks to your romance? Please share a story or two in the comments.

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