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Tricks to Curb Summertime Spending
Updated: December 28, 2020
The heat isn’t the only thing that climbs each summer – expenses can too. We have some tricks up our sleeve to share with you that will help curb summertime spending.

It is so easy to overspend during the summer. With more spare time and the hope of keeping everyone entertained, your money can dissolve like a popsicle in a toddler’s fist.

Try these three tricks to become a Summertime Superstar and curb summertime spending:

someone putting their savings into a piggy bankBring back “You Pick 2”

We suggested it for Spring break and you all loved it. What about doing it over the summer? This approach will surely appeal to all of the Money Personalities in your household. Savers and Security Seekers get their limit and their list.  The Spenders, Risk Takers, and Flyers get to spend, have an adventure, and have “together” time.

Know your child 

Not every kid wants to go somewhere every day. Some kids are happy to stay home and play with friends. But some kids do crave more adventure and enjoy outings that cost money. Plan ahead and create a balance. Talk through the fun things you have planned for this summer scheduling a mix of free and not-so-free activities. For you Saver-inspired folks, check out Mr. Free Stuff’s list of 120 Free Things To Do with Kids This Summer.

Check-in weekly

If you set expectations with each other on Sunday night before the week starts with a quick “check-in,” it will be easier to stick to your spending plan that week. The stay-at-home types will be able to gear up for the planned outings, and the adventurers of the bunch can anticipate how epic the next big thing will be.

Do you have any other tricks to being a Summertime superstar? We would love to hear them – just comment below. While you’re at it, we would love to connect through Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s to a stress-free, fight-free, glorious summer!!

Tricks to Curb Summertime Spending

Taylor & Megan Kovar
The Money Couple®

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To learn more about your Money Personalities, get GREAT resources, and take the scientific & confidential online assessment, visit TheMoneyCouple.com. 


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