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Three Ways to “Do Good” Together by Giving
Updated: December 28, 2020

3 Ways to Make Charity a Part of Your Marriage

Do you and your significant other have tension related to giving to charities? That’s right – giving. We want to share with you Three Ways to “Do Good” Together by Giving.

This is what we hear: “The fact that he gives the panhandler on the street corner $5 makes me nuts!” or this, “The fact that she just called in with her credit card and pledged $50 dollars without even talking to me about it just fires me up!”

What a bummer! Giving is so “right”, but it can turn so “wrong” so quickly. (tweet this)

America tops the list of countries that give to churches, world aid, and other philanthropic activities. Yet, we have seen couples go toe-to-toe when it comes to their own giving.

To complicate it more, we mix in Money Personalities. A Saver doesn’t say anything for fear he’ll look too “cheap”;  a Spender wants to give even though she has credit card debt. Many of us deal with similar thoughts and feelings.

Great news! You can agree about your giving!

Here are three tips to get on the same page about giving:

 1.  Prioritize

There are so many great organizations to support. How do you know which ones to give to? Start by each of you picking one and give to those – then build from there.

2.  Passion

Make sure you’re linking your passion with your money. What causes mean a lot to you? To your family?

3.  Compromise

Make sure both of your giving needs are being met.  Both of you should have equal say in what organizations you support and what amount you give.

We talk regularly at our Money Huddles about what amount to give and what causes mean a lot to us. Stick with it and keep working on it. You WILL get there. For more awesome information on how to have the best Money Relationship – pick up a copy of The 5 Money Personalities: Speaking the Same Love and Money Language.

Taylor & Megan Kovar

The Money Couple


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