ways to have an epic spring break

3 Ways To Have An Epic Spring Break

By now, if you plan on going away for spring break, your plans are in place! We hope you have a blast and get some fun in the sun. But what about those of us who plan to stay home for this season’s spring break? What ways can you make it memorable? How do you make it adventuresome? How do you have an epic spring break? There might be no beach in our future but we have a great idea that will this Spring Break “Staycation” the best you have had.

Try the new “pick two” approach!

1.  Pick two restaurants.

Have everyone in the family write down two restaurants — one of their favorites and one they have always wanted to try. Each puts the names in a hat and you select two … enjoy!

2.  Pick two movies.

Have everyone write down two movies they want to go to or rent. Put the movie names in a hat and pick two … enjoy!

3.  Pick two adventures.

You can put a dollar limit on them, or not. Each writes down two adventures and put them in a hat and picks two … enjoy!

Check out how each of your Money Personalities will love the “You Pick Two” approach:

  • Savers – can put a dollar limit on the choices
  • Spenders –  love going out and spending money
  • Risk Takers – enjoy a whole variety of new adventures
  • Security Seekers – will feel great with a plan in place
  • Flyers – can’t wait for a whole bunch of Family time

Bonus: You can always take the items that aren’t chosen and save them for a list of great summer activities.

We want you all to have the Best Money Relationship and put all of the secrets in our great book, The 5 Money Personalities – Speaking The Same Love And Money Language. Be sure to get your copy today!

Be sure to put your staycation ideas in the comments below for all to see!

Here’s to making this year’s “Staycation” memorable, adventuresome, and fun!

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