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3 Ways to Make Lasting Family Memories

Handling your money doesn’t have to be stressful. Your money can actually help you make lasting family memories.   The benefit of spending money is an investment in creating memories for your family.


How to Use Your Money to Create Small, Medium, and Large Last Memories

1. Small Memories

You can go to free events in your community but be okay with spending money on yourself, your spouse, and your family. When you get there you will spend money on food, photos, and other small items. Expect these and don’t feel bad about them. Every other week we take our boys to play water basketball and then out to dinner. They count on these families dates still, even though they are getting older. This type of spending creates lasting memories for your kids.

2. Medium-sized Memories

Medium sized memories are the ones that you create that often have an element of surprise. Think of what a medium sized special activity would be. For example, take your kids out of school once or twice a year. Surprise them and take them on an overnight adventure! These types of medium sized memories will become embedded in your kids brains for a lifetime!46451477 - take a selfie with funny faces

3. Large-sized Memories

Once a year you really do need to do something large with the family. Make it a great investment. We just got back from Spain, kid-free! You can create these memories through road trips, Disney trips, etc. If you want to do something next year start now. If you do a large memory spur of the moment you miss the fun of planning and excitement leading up!

Remember, take some time to plan and invest in your family memories!

Make it happen!

Scott & Bethany Palmer

The Money Couple

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