Help! I Married My Money Opposite
"5 Ways to Solve Money Conflicts so You Can
 Build a Stronger Relationship"
STOP the Breakdown and
Start Building Up... 

 The Marriage and Money Conversation YOU WANT To Have With Your Spouse. 
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On our upbeat webclass
Help! I Married My Money Opposite you’ll learn:
Step 1
How Your Money Personality Combination Affect Your Marriage - once you understand these you will be so relieved and empowered!
Step 2
Why you SHOULD compare your Money Personalities with Your Spouse and WHY your Differences Matter!
Step 3
Identify Your Opposite Dynamic Indicator - yep that is the culprit right there!
Step 4
Discover a SUCCESSFUL Money Communication System You Can Do TOGETHER - YOUR win / win scenario!
Step 5
Learn How to Fight Fair <<< because we totally get the reality of REAL relationships!
Presented By: Scott & Bethany Palmer- The Money Couple
Scott and Bethany Palmer are considered by news and media sources as the nation’s top experts and educators on money and relationships. They are financial advisors as well as love and money experts that have successfully challenged the conventional thinking and discovered a formula and system to stop the number one relationship killer, MONEY. With their fun and lighthearted approach, they motivate individuals and couples to stop fighting and start communicating. Along with inventing the Money Personalty Assessment, they are best selling authors, motivational speakers, and regulars on regional and national TV programs.
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