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Our Motto:

     Make it happen.

Our Mission:

     Reduce divorces due to money by 10%!

How The Money Couple Came To Be:

Over two decades ago, our passion to save marriages was born. As Financial Advisors, for over 25 years,  helping couples, we discovered: money “issues” are not about dollars and cents. Couples struggle to communicate about and agree on money which creates tension, fights, and even divorce.

Their struggles broke our hearts and propelled us into a decade of research and work with a Stanford scientist where we cracked the code to stop divorces and create truly rich relationships.

TMC SquabblesSpending Squabbles: Why does Money Matter?

Money fights

The stats couldn’t be more stark. Money troubles are a significant reason for divorce. That is why we work hard to help couples understand money and learn how to

communicate about financial decisions. Over the years, we have heard hundreds of stories from couples who think they are the only ones going through this, but that just isn’t true!

Everyone is unique, but there are some basic truths to how people talk about money. That is why we developed the Money Personalities! It is an easy way to understand how you and your spouse view money.

The Money Personality Assessment is a simple online assessment that takes less than 15 minutes to complete, but the results will have a lifelong impact on your relationship.

TMC MissionHow the Motto and Mission began:

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Why we are so passionate about creating really rich relationships.

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