mixed signals that will ruin your relationship

5 Mixed Signals That Will Ruin Your Relationship

What would an episode of New Girl, Friends, or even Three’s Company be without someone getting their signals crossed? Zero fun. But mixed signals that will ruin your relationship are zero fun too!

Now cut to reality and the mixed signals your honey sends you, and no one’s laughing. Add money to the confusing situation and it’s even less funny. 

You can stop giving mixed signals with one simple solution.

1. Date Night

mixed-signalsYou both work hard all week. You’ve been running in fifty different directions. Her hints are not so subtle any more. He wants a “real” date night. You finally carve out the time, pick a great place, buy a new suit, and … she starts fuming. Why the mixed signals?

2. Gifts

He’s so thoughtful. You had no idea he was paying such close attention the night you reminisced about your favorite rom-com, Say Anything. But he scours pawnshops, finds a ghetto blaster that would make Lloyd Dobler proud, buys a trench coat and some high tops and serenades you outside your place with “In Your Eyes” cranked as high as it will go; the 25th anniversary DVD wrapped and waiting for you. He is the BEST gift-giver you’ve ever dated.

So you watch and listen and reciprocate the thoughtfulness with a gadget you saw him eying obsessively online; he thanks you, leaving it in the box, and asks if you think that new sushi place takes reservations. What?

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