Your Money Personality™: Spender

Money Personality: Spender Every person has a distinct way of thinking about and dealing with money, your Money Personality. Unfortunately money causes tension in almost every marriage, especially over time. Probably because a day doesn’t go by without a decision to be made about money – home-brewed coffee or a latte on-the-go, lunch out or […]

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Your Money Personality™: Saver

Money Personality: Saver Every person has a distinct way of thinking about and dealing with money.  And in a relationship, those distinctions can be the difference between being on the same page about money issues and having it be a constant source of conflict.  After all isn’t there a money component to just about every decision we […]

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The Lego Store!
the lego store

This year we took our annual family vacation to Disney World. One of our favorite things to do at night is to walk around Downtown Disney. The boys favorite stop is the Lego Store. They love it so much that when we announced our vacation they started saving their money. The Saver and the Spender Cole—our […]

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Tires You Will Never See On A Saver’s Car!
Tires you will never see on a Saver's Car

I (Scott) am a Primary Spender and a Secondary Security Seeker. This played itself out perfectly this last week with my new tire purchase. (Yes we were stranded on the C470 for an hour, in the hot sun, with a flat – argh!) While stranded, a truck stopped to help us … out popped an […]

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You Spent How Much?!?!
you spent how much

“Wait, you spent how much?!?!” How to avoid Money Personality dumping. A husband calls his wife the “Money Nazi.” He walks through the door and their conversation goes like this: Wife: “Where did you go out to lunch?” Husband: “We went Italian today.” Wife: “What did you have?” Husband” “A Chicken Caesar Salad.” Wife: “How […]

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Integrity = Honesty + Courage
Integrity = Honesty + Courage

We were at a conference last week and we heard a quote that really impacted both of us.  That quote was “Integrity = Honesty + Courage.” For example, I am an honest employee but I see my coworker stealing supplies and I don’t speak up … I lack integrity. In other words, if you are an […]

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Olympic Swim Team – What it takes!
what it takes

I (Bethany) want to share some thoughts I had the last couple of weeks watching our athletes compete in the Olympics in London. They have got what it takes! Some of you know that I was a competitive swimmer growing up … ranked in the top 10 nationally. I recently came across an old article […]

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A Gift With Unintended Consequences!
unintended consequences

What started off as a gift had unintentionally turned into Financial Infidelity for some dear friends of ours, Meagan and Brandon Brown. We were sitting down with them this weekend and found ourselves bent over laughing (fortunately they had worked through the challenges so laughing was appropriate). They were describing a simple birthday gift with […]

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Financial Communication and “The Little Things”
financial communication

We have surveyed hundreds of couples about their financial communication and they have told us many of their stories.   Some stories are incredibly inspiring, others make you wonder how the couple has managed to stay together. Some couples told us about big, blatant betrayals others offered examples of more subtle forms of financial infidelity. In […]

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A Story Of Financial Infidelity
story of financial infidelity

Money affects almost every decision we make in our relationship … and money decisions that are made in secret lead to what we call, Financial Infidelity.  Just like sexual infidelity starts with a little flirting here and an innocent business lunch there, Financial Infidelity sneaks into relationships without warning and creeps in through those little […]

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3 Tips to Agree on Your Tax Refund
agree on your tax refund

More than half of all Americans will get a tax refund this year. According to the IRS, the average refund last year was around $3000. That money can make a significant difference in your financial picture. Unfortunately we have found, that new influx of cash can come between you and your spouse. But there is […]

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Prenuptial Agreements – Should We or Shouldn’t We Prenup?
money, prenup

The number one cause for divorce is miscommunication about money – in most cases it is better to “get it all on the table” versus waiting until it is to late. Some couples wonder, “Are we setting ourselves up for divorce by having a prenup?” The simple answer is, “No.” There are some very practical […]

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