5 Steps For Confessing Financial Infidelity
steps for confessing

Nearly every relationship harbors some level of financial infidelity. It might be as minor as not telling your partner what you really spent on her birthday gift or as major as keeping a secret bank account to pay for your gambling addiction. (Find out where you stand with the Money Relationship Assessment.) Either way, the path […]

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Is Money Getting In The Way of Better Friendships?
money getting in the way of better friendships

We’re not sure everyone would admit it, but money affects our friendships. And we’re not just talking about money you loan to a friend. Your approach to money affects your relationships. Whether you know it or not. Is money getting in the way of better friendships for you? Every person has a unique approach to […]

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5 Questions to Ask Your College-Bound Kid

College selection time can be scary — and exciting — for both you and your young adult. But with thousands of colleges in the United States, plus online and overseas options, college selection can also be overwhelming for your college-bound kid. Discussing those options is a terrific opportunity for you to learn more about your […]

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Money Milestones For Your 20s and 30s

If we could write our 20 year-old selves a letter it would say, “Start now. Start saving for retirement. Even just a little.” We know it doesn’t sound fun or maybe even necessary to start saving for something so far off, but if you do, you will thank yourself some day. And that “some day” […]

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Could You Earn An “A” in Financial Basics And Terms?
financial basics and terms

In 2003, the United States Senate designated April as Financial Literacy for Youth Month. In March 2004 the Senate unanimously passed Resolution 316 that officially recognized April as National Financial Literacy Month. This law emphasizes the importance of every American understanding financial basics and terms. Scott wants to cast a vote for national cake month […]

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Dating and Money Lies
dating and money lies

Dating and money lies can be a tricky subject. Whether you’ve been married before, or are dating seriously, don’t give in to the temptation to avoid talking about money. Settling into a serious relationship without establishing common ground with money can lead to serious problems down the road. Don’t Wait Until You’re Married When dating, […]

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Saving Money is Difficult: 3 Painless Ways to Tackle It
saving money is difficult

Raise your hand if you think saving money is easy. No one? Yep. See, we can do that in the blog without seeing your hands because we know NO ONE has their hand in the air. Saving money is difficult. There are way too many fun things–and necessary things–we need to buy to make saving […]

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