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Learn how to grow your marriage, finances, and family.

We know how frustrating financial difficulties in marriage can be – that’s why we’re here to help!

Here you’ll find stories of problems faced by us and other couples, how we overcame them, and advice on how to overcome your own. We’ll also provide you with love, money, and even parenting advice on topics like holidays, raising teens, and vacations plans. Who knows, may be we’ll inspire you to become your very own money couple?

It’s Good to Dream

Can a dream improve your relationship? Do you have a bucket list? Have you heard someone say they are...

What Cleaning House Can Teach Your Kids About Money

Household Chores Are Also About Your Kids’ Financial Education Summertime is a great time to teach your kids about...

Hoarding – A Spender Gone Wild?

Hoarding – A Spender Gone Wild? A Lesson in Hoarding and Addiction We love having the opportunity to share...

Bad Money Decisions Can Kill Your Relationship

How honest are you about money with your spouse? Here are 3 bad money decisions that can kill your...

Retirement: 5 Things To Discuss NOW For a Better THEN

Talking About Retirement with Your Spouse: 5 Important Questions Quick question: How long is the average length of retirement?...

How Your Vacation Can Teach Your Kids About Money

Turn Your Kids’ Vacation into a Valuable Financial Lesson Vacation can teach your kids about money in so many...

Don’t Cancel Your Date Night!

3 Ways to Heat Up Your Relationship!
Ok, we get it! Making time for date nights is hard...

Money and Engagement – Do They Mix?

We know how it goes. Oftentimes, you don’t even want to talk about finances with your partner during the...


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