3 Ways To NOT RUIN Valentine’s Day
ruin valentine's day

They call it the “day of love” so you wouldn’t think anyone could ruin Valentine’s Day, but you’d be wrong. There are some painfully (funny) stories of rough Valentine’s Days out there. If you’ve had one, take heart (see what we did there) you’re not alone. Like this guy: James was peeling potatoes during the […]

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Avoid The 3 Biggest Gift-Giving Mistakes

When you think of gift-giving how does it make you feel? Excited? Nervous? Stressed-out? Broke? We all have different reactions when it comes to buying gifts for family, friends, or our significant other. Some people really love the scheming, shopping, surprising, and the hunt for the perfect gift. Other people are totally stressed out by […]

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Give! But, Think Before You Donate: 3 Steps For Smart Charitable Giving
smart charitable giving

Smart charitable giving is not just a holiday “to do” for a list. With natural disasters, local community needs, and a multitude of worthy causes across our world there are opportunities for giving all year long. We highly encourage giving. But remember–Get before you give. What? Get information before you give! Do some research first […]

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It’s Good To Dream: New Year, New Money You Challenge
dream, couple

Can Dreams Improve Your Relationship? Do you have a bucket list? Have you heard someone say they are adding something to their “bucket list”? Bucket List Don’t think big, orange bucket that smells like a hamster cage. A bucket list is a compilation of activities a person wants to do before they die. Why is […]

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New Year, New Money You Challenge: Review Last Year
review last year

Congratulations! You are remarkable! Not everyone makes it to Challenge #3: Review Last Year.  You take the time to make a better life. Not a perfect life. A better life. You’re ready for Challenge #3. Most people let their finances boss them around like a grouchy toddler on a sugar high. But you are taking steps […]

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Appy New Year! (That’s right) Money You Challenge #1: Apps for the best Money You

Stop Waiting. Today’s The Day. “New Money You” Challenge #1. Are you ready for the best Money You year ever? Start your year off right. (Don’t worry if it’s not January 1! Plenty of large corporations run their fiscal year counter to the calendar year. Now you do too!) CHALLENGE #1 — APPy New Year! Start […]

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3 Ways To Actually Keep Your Resolutions
ways to actually keep your resolutions

Every year people make New Year’s Resolutions. The third most common resolution is to spend less and save more. However, only 10% actually keep that resolution. So the question is, “Should you even try to make financial resolutions? We say, “Absolutely!” Here are three ways to actually keep your resolutions and make your New Year, […]

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