Parents: 3 Conversations To Have This Holiday Shopping Season To Avoid Raising A Spoiled Brat
raising a spoiled brat

Shopping carts spill into the snowy parking lot. The family stands outside ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. You make your way into the store where Christmas music streams overhead. They’ve stacked the new “must-have” items right in front so you make your way around the display, ready to dive into your list. And […]

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5 Ways To Just Say No! (To Your Kids)
5 Ways To Just Say No

“But Mom, I NEED these $150 Lebrons!” “Mom, I need the 21 bundle from Kylie for $195!” “Sour gummy worms!” Sometimes, as parents, we’re torn between our need to do everything we can for our child and their nasty case of the “gimmies”. The gimme’s are when kids just HAVE to have the latest treat […]

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Should You Give Money To Your Adult Child?
give money to your adult child

Parenting is a lifelong commitment. The long days and nights when they are little. The rocky teen years. And the coaching, counseling, and care that continues even when “the nest” is empty. Most parents of post-college-aged kids will tell you, their “children” still have a lot to learn about life, “adulting”, and money management. Teaching […]

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3 Solutions to Stop Holiday Money Fights
Stop Holiday Money Fights

The Christmas Season tends to invite more than just holiday joy. Arguments about money arguments can pile up faster than any presents under the tree. Most families will spend more money during this season than any other time of the year. If you’d rather skip the fights (and the fruitcake), you will definitely want to […]

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ABCs of Successful Holiday Spending

The holidays are quickly approaching and with a few weeks until Christmas, it is time to draft a plan for successful holiday spending! The National Retail Federation expects holiday spending to be almost 4% higher this year than last. They expect American consumers to spend an average of $935.58 during the holiday shopping season this […]

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