5 Questions to Ask Your College-Bound Kid

Is your College-Bound Kid. College selection time can be scary — and exciting — for both you and your young adult. But with thousands of colleges in the United States, plus online and overseas options, college selection can also be overwhelming for your college-bound kid. Discussing those options is a terrific opportunity for you to […]

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Dating and Money Lies
dating and money lies

Dating and money lies can be a tricky subject. Whether you’ve been married before, or are dating seriously, don’t give in to the temptation to avoid talking about money. Settling into a serious relationship without establishing common ground with money can lead to serious problems down the road. Don’t Wait Until You’re Married When dating, […]

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3 Clever Ways To Kickstart Your Date Nights
kickstart your date nights

If you’ve been married a while it’s easy to let date nights be a thing of the past.  But there’s a huge win for both of you to kickstart your date nights. Set aside time to connect (without the kids) each week or at least each month. Investing in your marriage is not too different […]

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The Relationship Secret We All Forget
relationship secret we all forget

And it’s free! Sound too good to be true? No, we’re not about the hype. There really is a relationship secret we all forget. And it’s right under our nose. You just have to look a little closer for it. When is the last time you gave someone a compliment? Do you like to receive […]

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The New F Words You Need To Know
f words you need to know

Tis the season for family, the flu, and fights.  I (Bethany) am writing this week’s article because Scott is very sick and stuck at home.  I can count on one hand how many times Scott has been out sick.  He spent the whole weekend in bed, poor guy.  Anyway….his FOB “flat on back” time it […]

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Give! But, Think Before You Donate: 3 Steps For Smart Charitable Giving
smart charitable giving

Smart charitable giving is not just a holiday “to do” for a list. With natural disasters, local community needs, and a multitude of worthy causes across our world there are opportunities for giving all year long. We highly encourage giving. But remember–Get before you give. What? Get information before you give! Do some research first […]

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Uncover Your Child’s Money Management Style With Halloween Candy

We want to help you Uncover Your Child’s Money Management Style With Halloween Candy.  Want to know something spooky? You can uncover your kid’s money management style by watching them with their Halloween goodies. Watch closely and their behavior with their door-to-door haul will teach you more about your kids’ approach to money than you ever […]

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Feel Better About Your Money Decisions Today!
feel better about your money decisions

Every day involves some type of money decision – eat out or brown bag, premium fuel or regular, donate to a worthy cause or pass, allowance for the kids or not. The decisions are endless. And if you’re making those decisions with a spouse, the odds that you see eye-to-eye on 100% of those decisions […]

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The Most Common Money Mistakes To Avoid Based On The 5 Money Personalities
money mistakes to avoid

Laura Vanderkam, Verily contributor and author of All the Money in the World: What the Happiest People Know About Wealth, wrote an incredible article about common money mistakes to avoid, based on the 5 Money Personalities! Here it is!  Enjoy! Everyone has his or her own unique way of thinking about and dealing with money. The […]

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