3 Ways to stop a “Money Nag”
money nag

Who likes to be nagged? Not us! According to a new study out of the University of Copenhagen, nagging can actually be the cause of premature death. The study goes on to say that couples who are in high stress relationships because of nagging spouses are two to three times more likely to “kick the […]

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3 Tips to Survive a Financial Tragedy Together
survive financial tragedy

Recently, Jerry lost his job. Shortly after that, his wife, Suzie, lost hers. Their bills were piling up. Their home was about to be foreclosed. Tragedy struck big time. Call it a crisis or tragedy – it will happen. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” How do you work through the unexpected tragedy […]

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3 T’s to Stop the Money Fights This Year
stop the money fights this year

We have all heard the standard answers to preventing money fights: Get a budget, talk about it, stop spending! If these were working we would see couples with blissful day-to-day money talk. Those ideas aren’t bad, they just don’t work. We are done, we mean done, with money fights hurting our relationships, marriages and kids. […]

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What Dishes Taught Me About Love
dishes taught me about love

We love what Jeff Goins is doing in his “Slow Down” challenge.  He is encouraging people to stop, smell the roses, and go deeper in their relationships.  We completely agree. And we would like to add our Money Couple two cents: Stop. Slow down. Think about – don’t just react – to your honey’s Money Personalities.

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Marrying Money Personalities
marrying money personalities

Scott and I just got back from the beautiful wedding of Scott’s college friend, Keith. It was gorgeous event and everyone there had so much fun! The rehearsal dinner, the toasts, and the wedding ceremony all reflected the bride and groom’s tremendous love for each other. But all those events also seemed to have an […]

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We Can Stop Divorce
we can stop divorce

We get the opportunity to talk to a lot great people across the nation – young and old, rich and poor. And all kinds of folks are telling us, “We’re sick of divorce.” People are tired of the pain and destruction caused by divorce. It hurts our children through the tension, fighting, and fear. Divorce […]

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3 Reasons A Spouse Won’t Talk About Money
spouse won't talk about money

You might not realize it, but nearly every decision you make on a given day involves money. If you’re going to make your morning coffee or grab something at the local coffee shop. Whether you drive to work or take public transportation, pack a lunch or order out. The way you and your partner communicate […]

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You Spent How Much?!?!
you spent how much

“Wait, you spent how much?!?!” How to avoid Money Personality dumping. A husband calls his wife the “Money Nazi.” He walks through the door and their conversation goes like this: Wife: “Where did you go out to lunch?” Husband: “We went Italian today.” Wife: “What did you have?” Husband” “A Chicken Caesar Salad.” Wife: “How […]

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