TMC Couple

A couple. Two are better than one. If one falls, the other can help him up.

When you started your relationship, it was awesome. And in many ways, it still is awesome.

So, why do so many relationships fail? What is the reason? What is the cause? Well, there isn’t just one reason, but research shows there is a #1 reason couples divorce – it’s MONEY. BUT you can insure your relationship isn’t another statistic. Learn and confirm that your Mr. or Mrs. Right stays that way without money getting in the way!

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Dating coupleDating

Dating is a time of discovery. Everything feels new, exhilarating, and remarkable. You’ve asked about their family and their childhood. But have you asked about their feelings about money? Although money doesn’t sound like a “fun” subject, it is a critical one. Here’s how to tackle that topic:

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Newlywed CoupleNewlyweds

Congratulations! What an exciting time of life! 

You unite your lives, your silverware and plates, your strengths and weaknesses, and your views on money. That last one might seem strange, but it’s important. It’s worth knowing “money” is the number reason couples fight. And research tells us it’s the #1 reason couples who divorced called it quits.

So money is worth getting right–right from the start.  Gain access to fun, engaging resources and start your married life out right or get it back on track!

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Married coupleMarried 5+ years

Many marriages experience tremendous change by their 5th year. You aren’t newlyweds anymore, but you’re still new to a lot of things: homeownership, starting a family, and work/life balance.
Fortify your relationship for the long haul with game-changing resources:

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Scott and Bethany Discuss: Money and Couples