Financial Advisor Ally

Your Ally as You Bring The 5 Money Personalities to Your Clients!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have more clients then you know what to do with?  What about retaining your current clients for life?  What would it be like to stand out in the sea of other Financial Advisors?  What would it be like to have your clients telling their friends about you because you gave them something above and beyond their financial plan?

We all know that the old way of financial advising isn’t going to work.  We have to go above and beyond the traditional  “Needs and Dreams” approach.

Introducing Financial Advisor Ally.  An innovative program that teaches and enables you, the advisor, to bring The 5 Money Personalities to your clients.  One that enables you to:

  • Get more clients
  • Differentiate yourself
  • Attract more prospects
  • Know your current clients better
  • Recommend more suitable investments
  • Offer a unique “value add”
  • Keep your clients for life

This popular service, provides you, the advisor,  all the tools you need to bring your clients The 5 Money Personalities into a discussion that improves their life.  Just talking about their finances is boring and mundane to clients. But when you uncover, teach, and reveal and speak to their 2 Money Personalities – they light up.


Why Financial Advisor Ally?Why Financial Advisor Ally?

Have you ever sat in an audience listening to an “expert” from the financial advising industry and heard them give suggestion after suggestion on how to connect better, sell better, and live your best life?  But you know, from the bottom of your heart they have never sold a financial plan in their life.  Well, so did Scott and Bethany. For over two decades, Scott and Bethany Palmer have been impacting and revolutionizing the way financial advisors do their craft.  Advisors themselves, they have put together a program that connects them with their clients, engages their clients and helps keep their clients for life. This program does not interrupt your current asset gathering, or inventory approach, rather, it enhances what you are currently providing….it simply builds and deepens the relationship you have with your client.  And it is now available for YOU!

TMC What's included

What is included in Financial Advisor Ally?

You won’t believe all you receive!  All of the tools inside of The Financial Advisor Ally Center,  your Co-branded Money Personality Assessment, a copy of The 5 Money Personalities Book, and much, much more! We listed it all below.

1.  Financial Advisor Ally Center

  • Module Based Learning – You will learn how to apply the KEEP approach to your client base.  In 1-2 short hours you will learn how to bring the 5 Money Personality approach to your clients.  Click HERE to get a quick overview.
  •  The 8 Minute Opener – A live example of Scott transforming the relationship he has with his client. Teaching you how, in 8 Minutes, you can revolutionize the way you connect with your clients.
  •  A Seminar for you to use with your clients – upon completion of your training we give you the slides and tell you exactly what to say – it is a fun, interactive seminar that is great to use with prospects or existing clients. Click HERE to get a sneak peak of the Seminar.
  • A Product Feature Preference chart – we have made it so simple – this chart shows you what product features each Money Personality is attracted to – you can now give your client exactly what will appeal to them.
  • Quick Reference Guide – a guide that outlines the power words, the do’s and don’ts, strengths, weaknesses, summary and opposite dynamic of each Money Personality.
  • Connect with Prospects templates – this easy to use letter and email template gives you all the words to approach current clients or prospect to new clients your new found knowledge that will touch their life in a whole new way.
  • Connect with current clients templates – trying to find new reasons to connect with your current clients – that wait is OVER.  You can use the letter and email template to reconnect with your current clients.
  • Certificate of completion – complete the online course and you can call yourself a Money Personalities Financial Advisor.

2.  Your Co-branded The 5 Money Personality Assessment 

You will receive your own personalized link to a Money Personality Assessment that is yours, branded with your logo.  Once you receive the link to  your personalized page you can put it on an ipad for your clients as they enter your office, embed it into your website, or send it to your clients in an email. You can even embed it on your website and use it as a prospecting tool too. Knowing their 2 Money Personalities gives you the insight and knowledge to approach your client in a way that will connect, educate and excite them.

Your clients will discover their 2 Money Personalities instantaneously.

You will receive your clients Money Personalities emailed, instantaneously, directly to you.

Get a sneak peak HERE!

3.  A copy of The 5 Money Personalities Book

This best selling book will come right to your home.

The 5 Money Personalities: Speaking the Same Love and Money Language

4.  And much, much more!

Book giveaways – many like to give a 5 Money Personalities book away at their seminars or to clients as a take away.  We have arranged for a discounted price of $10 per book.

Access to Scott and Bethany – Your membership gives you special access to them directly so you can get any and all questions that you have answered.

Monthly “The 5 Money Personalities Tip Of The Month” Email for your client – Upon completion of their assessment they will receive a thank you from you and the option to receive a monthly “The 5 Money Personalities Tip Of The Month” directly from Scott & Bethany.  No products are offered just pure 5 Money Personalities insight. A value add from you with no compliance challenges because it comes from Scott & Bethany.

Financial Advisor Ally Tip of the Month email to YOU – A new tip, podcast or interview for you to absorb and learn.  Sent directly to your inbox.

Want a quick tour of Financial Advisor Ally Center?

We can’t wait for you to see it!


TMC Creators of Financial Advisor AllyWho are the creators of Financial Advisor Ally?

With over 25 years of financial advising experience, Scott and Bethany Palmer, The Money Couple, have been entrenched into the Financial Advisor world.

Scott has been in the industry with Securities and Life Insurance Licenses for 20 years.  Starting out in the retirement plan space he is now focusing on 55 and older clients with a Social Security specialty through his RIA, Defined Wealth, INC.

Bethany had her book of business that included 1000 clients, beginning in 1990.  She stepped out in 2000 to focus on building Envoy Financial, a TPA, Recordkeeping and Advisory firm, who specialty is serving the faith based marketplace.  She has recently stepped down as President and now focuses, full time, along with Scott, on The Money Couple.

They can be seen on national TV and radio who speak internationally about creating RICH relationships, using The 5 Money Personalities. With their over 25 years of financial planning experience, they launched “The Money Couple” to put an end to fights and divorce caused by money.

Scott and Bethany are authors of:

  • Cents and Sensibility, How Couples Can Agree about Money
  • First Comes Love, Then Comes Money
  • The 5 Money Personalities, Speaking The Same Love and Money Language
  • The 5 Money Conversations To Have With Your Kids At Every Age and Stage.
  • The Quick-Reference Guide to Counseling on Money, Finances & Relationships

They have worked, for the previous 3 years, on developing Financial Advisor Ally, a program that would assist, guide and direct Financial Advisors and agents to use the tools that they have used with such success, in their independent practices. The development and implementation of The 5 Money Personalities into their practices, revolutionized the way they did business and they want to help others do the same.

They are happily married, proud parents of two teenagers, and enjoy an active lifestyle  in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

TMC Financial Advisor Ally PricingWhat is the pricing and what do I get inside of Financial Advisor Ally?

Financial Advisor Ally has been priced to be affordable for all.

Click here to get complete details!

If you need pricing for a whole Broker/Dealer, branch or company, please email us at [email protected].

Are Scott and Bethany available for speaking to my client appreciation dinners, conferences, or group?

Because Scott & Bethany have been Financial Advisors for many years they know how to get your client base excited about you.  They do have a fee, for this service.

» Click here to learn more about scheduling Scott & Bethany

TMC StartHow do I start Financial Advisor Ally?

We make it easy to sign up for Financial Advisor Ally. It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Step #1: SIGN-UP
To sign up there are 2 simple steps.  Click on the sign-up button below and you will be lead to purchase Financial Advisor Ally.  Immediately following,  your branding information will be collected from the set up form that will be emailed to you immediately.

Step #2: SET UP
Upon completion of step #1, we will email you your username and password to gain access to The Financial Advisor Ally Center. Additionally, within 5-7 business days, upon receipt of your branding information, we will email you a custom link with access to your Co-branded Money Personality Assessment.  This link can be embedded in your website or email, directing current or prospective clients to your Co-branded Money Personality Assessment.

Step #3: SERVE
Every time a customer fills out your assessment, we’ll send you their contact information, along with their 2 Money Personalities. A great tool for your current or prospective clients.  Your access to the Financial Advisor Ally Center will give you access to all of the resources to serve your clients well.

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