Magnificent Marriage Conference

Bring the Magnificent Marriage Conference to your church!

What if your church could end the destruction of marriages and build unbreakable unity among husbands and wives?

Be the church with practical, proven tools to fortify marriages and experience cheerful (no joke) giving.

Jesus prayed for all believers, “I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one…May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” John 17:22-23

What if your church stood out to the world? What if they saw a difference? A unity among believers and husbands and wives. A church maturing indestructible marriages.

And what if you could create magnificent marriages in your church?

Build indestructible, storm-weathering marriages. But how?

Start with their money. Money touches every decision a couple makes – from the $5 cup of coffee to the $50,000 car. If the two don’t see eye-to-eye on how much to spend or how much to save, tension starts. And then, that tension can turn into arguments, or ugly, toxic fights that leave both feeling hurt and angry. Or worse …

Because “money” is cited as the #1 cause of divorce in America. And the divorce percentage in the Christian church is unfortunately, hardly different.  Obviously, something needs to change. They need proven, practical tools to create a healthier, wealthier marriage.

The Magnificent Marriage Conference is  designed to:

                  Tackle the #1 thing destroying Marriages today is a fun marriage building way!

Couples from your church (married, engaged and seriously dating) benefit from practical, interactive sessions.  They will:

  • Discover something new about their spouse
  • Learn how to have positive money conversations that respect their unique Money Personalities
  • Gain powerful money and relationship insights
  • Receive great biblical advice
  • Laugh together

Couples won’t receive dry, formal teaching with finger-pointing and droning on about budgets or a financial plan. This is a fun program of discovery and discussions to build the love relationship God designed and your couples dream of.

Whether just engaged or married for decades – they will get solutions they can use. Our goal is to help marriages by discussing money, but relationships come first. What good is a sound budget and a fat savings account if couples are distant and fearful in their relationships? Because there is no amount of money worth more than a healthy, positive relationship between a husband and wife. Also, no stronger testimony to a hurting world.

Be the church that ends divorce.

Meet the founders of the Magnificent Marriage Conference

Marriage Wise Church

Scott and Bethany Palmer, The Money Couple, are happily married, proud parents, and committed Christians on national TV and radio. They speak internationally about healthy, wealthy relationships. With over 25 years of financial planning experience, they launched “The Money Couple” to put an end to fights and divorce caused by money.

Scott and Bethany are  authors of:

  • Cents and Sensibility, How Couples Can Agree about Money
  • First Comes Love, Then Comes Money
  • The 5 Money Personalities, Speaking The Same Love and Money Language
  • The 5 Money Conversations To Have With Your Kids At Every Age and Stage.

As financial advisors they worked primarily with ministries, and employees of churches and nonprofits. Scott is honored to serve as an Elder for New Life Church in Colorado Springs. Their commitment to God, passion to save marriages, and financial experience offers your church a key to cracking the code on divorce and ensuring a legacy of healthy marriages and families.

He said. She said.

If the wife thinks they should give 10% to the church and the husband thinks they should give nothing to the church how much do they give?


That’s right Nothing.

Here’s why:

How do you start a Magnificent Marriage Conference at your church?

The Money Wise ChurchWhile this program is a complete package  – we even provide the promotion for you. Take a look at the program components below and fill out the contact form and one of our Specialists will contact you to answer any questions and discuss how you can implement The Magnificent Marriage conference at your church.  

The Magnificent Marriage Program includes:

  1. Scott & Bethany Magnificent Marriage Conference Presentation – Skilled, humorous, inspiring speakers in venues as large as Women of Faith to more intimate settings Scott & Bethany make a lasting impression. One host said, “Of the guests we’ve booked so far this year, the Palmers were the best. We look forward to a return visit. Their energy, tag-team interview approach and of course information was right on point.”  Scott & Bethany provide warmth, laughter, and practical sessions with proven results for healthier, wealthier relationships. Who better to speak to husbands and wives, than a helpful, happy husband and wife?

2.  Marketing material – We will provide a video, handout templates and language to use that will ensure this conference is your best attended conference this year.

3.  Conference  materials provided for your attendees – You will be provided the insert template for the notebooks that your attendees will receive.  We make it easy for you to brand the conference material to your church. You can copy the inserts and three hole punch them for notebooks to hand to attendees as they arrive.  

4.  Assistance and ideas to make your conference great – We suggest your conference  be from 9-12pm on a Saturday morning or 6-9pm on a Friday night. We have found this works best, however, we are open to other arrangements  that suits your church. We have experience putting on these conference and, if you would like, we will walk you through each step of the conference implementation process.

The Money Couple in action

What are couples saying about the Magnificent Marriage Conference?

David & Heather

Engaged couple, David & Heather approach money in a similar way, but learned their differences and how that will affect their life together.

Jamie & Steve

Married for 15 years, Jamie and Steve look at money differently but now have a way to come together and stop fighting.

John & Judy

Married for 35 years, John and Judy learn it’s more than just a budget and numbers, it’s all about the relationship.

What are leaders saying about the Magnificent Marriage Conference?

Y’all were absolutely amazing! The feedback we received last night was incredibly positive. Not to mention, lots of joy spilling out!
                                                                             JR Gonzolas, Leader, Couples Connect, New Life Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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