Welcome Singles.

Being single doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’re strong enough to wait for what you deserve. – Niall Horan

You deserve a great relationship.

Great relationship advice for singles doesn’t fit on a webpage. Or inside a fortune cookie. But we do know this: couples are divorcing over money. And we hate that.

Scott and I (Bethany) hate to hear about divorce. And we hate to hear people talk down to singles. I was single until I was 32 years old. Before we married, I read everything I could about building a healthy relationship. I wanted to be ready.

You are in the right spot to be ready, because the #1 relationship killer is money. It’s not that couples were broke so they gave up. They called it quits because they couldn’t figure out a healthy way to discuss their differing viewpoints about money. But there is a way to have a healthier, wealthier relationship this time around…

We are glad you found us…  check out my shout out to singles in this video.

Relationship assessmentMoney and Your Relationship

Resources to help you envision a loving, connected relationship

» Prevent money from hurting your future relationships

Get money personality know howMoney Personalities – Improved understanding

How do you view money? What drives your financial decisions? What else affects your choices beyond your obvious desire to spend or save?

Take the FREE Money Personality Assessment and find out. Learn both your Primary and Secondary Money Personalities.

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DebtCan debt ruin a relationship?

Debt – Can we avoid it? Should we have any?  If so how much is ok?  Debt is often a source of a lot of fights and guilt  for couples.  Learn how to avoid fights about debt in your next relationship!

» How To avoid debt (and finger-pointing)

10 ways to saveSavings – It is Possible

Why can’t savings add up as fast as unwanted pounds? Whether it’s how much or how little is often a source of fights and tension for couples.  Learn how to avoid this in your next relationship.

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Scott & Bethany Discuss Being a Financially Smart Single