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Don’t Court Danger Before Dating Risk – Date Night Ideas For The Risk-Taker!
Updated: September 14, 2021 |

Make Date Night Exciting: Ideas for Risk Takers


I have found that in the world of dating, there are times when you have to take risks—like asking a pretty girl on a date. That risk mostly went away after I got married (I just have to make sure she hasn’t had a really bad day before asking), but I’ve never wanted all the risks to leave. Going on dates with an unknown element can be fun and exciting. It can come back to bite you, but it usually ends up adding to the fun of a date. Here are some date night ideas for the risk-taker, but not enough risk that it will ruin the entire experience if things go south.

Idea 1: A New Sleeping Spot

Nearly everyone has stayed in a hotel at some point in their lives. Ask around; people will tell you where they’ve stayed and what they liked about the place. Talk to enough people and you may notice, as I did, that they tend to find a favorite hotel or hotel chain and stay there when traveling. Knowing what you’re getting into is a comfort, as there’s little to no risk involved.

On the other hand, not knowing what to expect from an overnight stay can be exciting (Which is different from anxiety. Remember: excitement = good, anxiety = bad). While I definitely make sure I’m not checking into a reincarnation of the Bates Motel, I try to do as little research as possible on the place so the experience is as genuine as possible. And who knows? The next hotel we stay at could become a new favorite.


Idea 2: Super Secret Supper

Couples who have been married for a while (Like us), think they know each other pretty well. They finish each other’s sentences, can guess what the other is thinking, and even know which preset radio stations their spouse prefers. While that’s all good, there’s a final, major hurdle every couple has to pass before real trust can be built: ordering dinner for each other.

My wife and I have our favorite meals when eating at places we know, so there’s no risk. Instead, we try going to a new restaurant and having each of us order a meal for the other. If you want to ramp up the excitement (Not anxiety. Anxiety = bad), give your order to the waiter so the other person can’t hear you. They’ll have no idea what they’re getting until the food actually arrives. This is a fun way to either surprise your date by showing how well you know them, or by showing how well you don’t know them. Either way, surprises are fun. Right?


Idea 3: Take the Bored Out of Board Games

If you’re like me, you have days where you don’t want to leave the house but are in the mood for a date night. So, how can my wife and I add risk to a date night that takes place in our own home? We could play with matches in the living room or set a hotdog roller on the side of the tub while we take a bath, but that takes us from risky into deadly territory, and no deadly date night ends well. Instead, we try out some new tabletop games. 

It seems like new family and couples games come out every month. Some make it to big-name stores like Wal-Mart and Target, so you may be able to find a few new titles there. However, if we really want a lot of options, we go to our local game store. These have popped up all over the country in the past decade or so, and offer a huge variety of games that don’t make it to mainstream shopping centers.

If we feel overwhelmed, we just ask for help and advice from the store owners, who are usually well acquainted with their stock. Browsing through the games can even be a date night in itself! Eventually, we pick a couple of games and bring them home to try out. This can be fun, and we’ve found some great games to play with the entire family.

If I really want to up the risk factor, I bust out the actual game of Risk. My wife hates this game, but I can usually win her over by letting her start out controlling Asia (which is fine with me because we all know Australia is the best continent to start with, but don’t tell her that).  

Many couples spend their entire marriage trying to eliminate as much risk as possible.

While this makes sense, I would advise against keeping all risk out of a couple’s life. If everyone stayed in our own comfort zones, we wouldn’t experience any growth, and life would become dull and stale. Instead, take a little risk now and then to keep each other guessing and to keep the fire of excitement burning in your marriage.

They say that great rewards require great risk. I say that a little planned risk can bring long-lasting rewards without the stress and anxiety.

Happy risk-taking! 

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