Everyday Denver Hosts are Saver/Spenders

Everyday Denver Hosts are Saver/Spenders

Natalie Tysdal and Chris Parente appear to know everything about everyone … every day! As Emmy winners and co-hosts of Denver’s FOX31 Everyday show, you would guess they have heard it all. But, we might have found the one exception.

Chris and Natalie did not know their Money Personalities™ … yet. So they went to our website and took the Money Personality Assessment and learned something new. They are Saver/Spenders—both of them! (Must be another reason why they get along so well!) This means their Primary Money Personality™ is Saver and their Secondary is Spender.

FOX-Everyday_1.26.13_couch-tight cropNeither Chris nor Natalie were overly surprised at their profile results. Natalie said, “The more I think about it, the more I can see it. I like to buy things, but I always have to get the best deal.”

People with conflicting Money Personalities are often relieved to learn they have a Money Personality Opposite Dynamic™. It explains the internal conflict they feel when they approach money decisions. A Saver/Spender is a great example of an Opposite Dynamic, and is a lot more common than you’d think. Their conflicting Primary and Secondary Money Personalities lead them to want two very different things—the desire to save their money, and the thrill of making a purchase.

As tricky as it sounds, an Opposite Dynamic isn’t a recipe for schizophrenia. An Opposite Dynamic™ can add great balance to your spending habits. (Tweet this!) If you pay attention to both, they help you balance out the weaknesses found in either Money Personality alone.

We love our time with Natalie and Chris. They are always so full of life and ready to learn something new. We’ll check back with them soon and see who’s buying lunch, and how this new understanding is helping their day-to-day money decisions.

Make it happen!

Scott & Bethany Palmer

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