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3 Tips to Have An Extraordinary Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is very near and dear to our heart because we got engaged on Valentine’s Day. It was an extraordinary Valentine’s Day, complete with a nice dinner and a limo ride!

Even if an engagement isn’t in the cards for you, we have 3 tips to make your Valentine’s Day the absolute best ever!

#1 Give gifts based on their 2 Money Personalities

We did mountains of research with a statistical scientist from Stanford and found we all have a Primary and a Secondary Money Personality—ways we are hard-wired to think about and deal with money. (If you don’t know yours yet, click HERE to take our FREE scientific & confidential online assessment to find out both of yours TODAY.)

We worked with one couple where she was the Saver and Security Seeker while he was a Risk Taker and Spender. (Notice no shared Money Personalities between them.)

So Valentine’s Day rolls around and they had a very fancy dinner at his house. The bright red velvet gifts lay at his feet. He could hardly wait to spoil her. His Risk Taker and Spender Money Personalities were so ready to share these lavish gifts! She, acting in her two primary Money Personalities, presented him with a really small plate of cookies and was a bit embarrassed at all the fuss. Talk about awkward!

You see, we often give gifts according to our two Money Personalities without considering theirs, but this year take tip number one and give according to their two Money Personalities!

#2 Many small gestures are better than one big one

Often times we think about giving gifts as one special gift and sometimes that’s appropriate. But this year, consider taking an entire day and showering the person with lots and lots of small gestures to make their day super special. For example, you could leave a voicemail in the morning, a text every hour with a special memory that you have had, a love note on the mirror, a piece of candy in their shoe, a note on the steering wheel and maybe top it off with a nice balloon bouquet at the end of the day! Often times many small gestures can be more significant than just one big one.

#3 Avoid a money fight on Valentine’s Day

Prior to Valentine’s Day agree upon the amount of money you are going to spend. Make sure you agree upon an amount that is not going to break the bank, not going to make your partner mad at you or leave anyone feeling like they can’t be true to who they are on that special day.   There is nothing worse than a money surprise, especially on Valentine’s Day. Agree on the amount and then stick to it so you don’t have hurt feelings. Make sure the fireworks between you are for a good reason not because you’re exploding into a fight.

Show love. Share love. Enjoy your day together.

Scott & Bethany Palmer

The Money Couple

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