In short, financial infidelity is when couples with combined finances keep money secrets from each other, creating a mountain of lies in the process. Think of it like a rope- if you have no infidelity, your rope is uninterrupted, but each lie is a new knot in your rope.

Do you have financial infidelity in your relationship?

Take a couple of minutes to determine where you stand with money dishonesty with our Financial Infidelity Scale. Remember to be honest with yourself!

Afterwards, we’ll encourage and teach you how to unknot and overcome those bad habits. Then, have your spouse take it so you can learn together!

You CAN do this. We’re here to help!


This starts with identifying the root cause of the issue, weeding out the dead parts, sometimes repotting, and then cultivating what is left.

Let’s take a closer look at your Financial Infidelity Scale and start taking practical steps to having a healthy, blossoming Money Relationship. Don’t miss out on our resources below!



This does not mean you are hopeless! It’s clear that money differences are a major issue in your relationship. You are showing a desire, no matter how small or significant, to identify where your relationship is now in order to make it better. That’s HUGE!




You still have time to start new growth in your relationship! Have you ever heard of the saying, “It’s not over till it’s over?” Well lucky for you, this is one of those cases! You have the power to assess yourself, hit the brakes, and turn this relationship around.




You just need to put in a little TLC It shouldn’t take a ton of effort to get yourselves out of this rut and into a better position to have honest financial talks. Either way, it’s worth identifying and discussing your differences.




You’re doing great, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to keep working for it. Even if things are going pretty well right now, it’s always worth identifying and discussing your differences.


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