Help, I Married My Money Opposite!
Updated: November 03, 2020

We hear this all the time. : “Help, I Married My Money Opposite!” As we travel and speak around the country, this is a source of pain and panic for many couples.

We have found that 75% of all couples marry their opposite Money Personality!  No surprise that 70% of all divorces cite money as the reason for their split. However, being married to your money opposite does not have to ruin your relationship. It can even make it stronger!

Here are four tips to surviving your money opposite:

1.  Know and OWN your Money Personality

What are your Primary and Secondary Money Personalities™? Are you a: Spender, Saver, Risk Taker, Security Seeker, or Flyer?  You have to know who you are first, then you can start to evaluate the relationship.

2.  Understand your spouse’s Money Personality™.

Once you understand how your spouse views and deals with money, your eyes will be opened in a way they never have before.

3.  Understand the Opposite Dynamic.

On one side of the spectrum, there are Savers and Security Seekers, on the other side we have Spenders, Risk Takers, and Flyers.  If your Primary and Secondary Money Personalities™ lie on the opposite side of the spectrum you have the Opposite Dynamic. Understanding this will allow you to see how your opposite Money Personalities™ are affecting your overall relationship.  The mystery of why your spouse always spends money or why they have to use a coupon for everything will start to make perfect sense now that you understand their Money Personalities™!

4.  Have some fun!

Enjoy your new-found knowledge about yourself and your spouse.  Take the next week and see what and how this Opposite Dynamic is affecting your relationship in everyday money decisions.  Once you see how these decisions are affecting your Money Relationship, you can have a conversation that will build you both up and stop tearing each other down!

Taylor & Megan

Money Huddle Tip:  Confirm if you have an Opposite Dynamic and confirm if your relationship has an Opposite Dynamic.  Talk about how these Money Personality™ conflicts appeared in your relationship over the past month.


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