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3 Ways to Help Your Kids Get a Summer Job
Updated: December 29, 2020

Think of the summer jobs you held as a kid. I worked at a tire store, painted houses, mowed lawns, fueled airplanes, and worked in restaurants waiting and bussing tables. That is a long day. Kids coming home from college are ready for a change of pace and you are ready for them to get a job and start pulling in some cash of their own… Help your kids get a summer job!

You can instill a great work ethic in your child

Here are three ways to help your kids get a job this summer:

1.Beat the crGet a Jobowds

Be the first on the block to drop in and inquire about possible summer employment and fill out an application. Dated applications mean you’ll be at the front of the line when they start making calls. Have your future wage earner keep a log of all applications so they can check in with each one as the days get warmer.

Starting early is also a good reminder to involve the even younger ones in a summer job. There are plenty of options for them, walking the neighbor’s dog, odd jobs, pulling weeds, and the ever-popular lemonade stand. Instill a strong work ethic when they’re young and you all will benefit for a lifetime. Wouldn’t you rather make the basement into a gym someday than Junior’s apartment?

2.See the future

Young people learn critical lessons at their first jobs, even if they are “just” mowing lawns or washing dishes. Think long-term. (Tweet this) You can’t really put a price on your child learning the value of responsibility, respect, time allotment, commitment, saving, and spending. They’ll even learn about taxes! You may hear, “Who’s this FICA dude that takes money from all my checks?!” If they racked up some credit card debt during the school year let them start to pay them down using their hard-earned money. Another great learning opportunity.

3.Think outside the golden arches

Get creative with your kids’ summer job possibilities. Some kids need to be outside, others are happy working in an office environment and others would be happy stocking shelves. I get three or four phone calls every year in the spring from kids I knew years ago that are coming home from school and are looking for work experience. If we don’t have anything I try to find them a summer internship with a friend. You never know what it might lead to.

A strong work ethic in our children is priceless. Start early this year and land the best jobs around. Be creative and remind them that it might be summer but sleeping in every day is not an option!!

Taylor & Megan Kovar

The Money Couple

3 Ways to Help Your Kids Get a Summer Job

Taylor & Megan Kovar

The Money Couple


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