make school shopping stress free

How To Make School Shopping Stress Free

The average family spends close to $700 on back-to-school shopping. After Christmas, this is the biggest investment a family will make all year. You know your kids and their teachers work hard at school, so you want them to have the supplies they need. But each year the back-to-school list seems to grow and grow and grow! Here are three “extra credit” steps to make school shopping stress free.

How to Make School Shopping Stress-Free

1.  Make a PLAN

Consult your school’s supply list and do an estimate of how much each item is going to cost. Then calculate a total. Office supply websites, Amazon, or even Walmart ads can help you get an idea of costs. Each grade is different. You could go in planning $400 and end up spending $600. Who has an extra $200 just lying around for school supplies? An overage of that size is sure to upset someone when you come home with less cash because you had not planned on it.

2.  You don’t have to buy everything right now!

They put all the back-to-school items out in July but the longer you wait, the better deal you are going to get.   Before the first bell rings, retailers already want to clear that stuff off of their floor. Even better, wait a week or two until after school starts and pick up what you need for this year and next.

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3.  Don’t go shopping alone!

Make sure you bring your kids. This is the best financial planning education you can give your kids. Do they really need the brand name crayons? The new backpacks are cool, but do they need it? They can put some of their money for that backpack they really love!

Kids today are learning far more advanced material than you and I did at that age for sure! But let’s show them how smart we are by saving on back-to-school shopping this year.

One thought to “How To Make School Shopping Stress Free”

  • LISA

    I liked the idea of having the kids pay the difference between what I want to pay and what they want to buy. I only buy what they need the first weeks of school: shoes, undergarments a few shirts and shorts (we live in hot N. CAL.).I will buy more if I find what I know is an amzing deal. I wait til after school starts and make regular rounds at Target etc. looking for sale items and score great deals. We dont shop from the generic list provided jn stores. We wait to get supply list from teachers AFTER school starts so we don’t buy unnecessary supplies. I also make my kids go through their existing supplies and keep the good stuff and replenish the rest. I dont buy all new stuff every year. I bought the big Jansport backpacks last year at Sports Authority for a steal. I bought them big so they could be used 2-3 years. (much to the dismay of my spender 13 yr. old, but to the delight of my saver 10 yr. old.


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