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How To Score Unusual Scholarships
Updated: January 08, 2021 |
Taylor Kovar, CFP

Go to College for Less (Or Even for Free) with Creative Scholarship Ideas

Whether you are investing in your own education or getting ready to support your kids going through college. We have some great tips for you to score some unusual scholarships! Did you know that most people go after very general scholarships when there are many unusual scholarships that many people overlook?  Make sure you do your research!  Don’t miss out on some great unique opportunities! Here are a few tips we picked up from Carrington College that are just what you need to start your search!


How To Score Unusual Scholarships

Standard scholarships and grants offer great opportunities for students. Particularly those with exceptional grade point averages and those who have overcome difficult life circumstances. However, in their pursuit of these competitive scholarships, many students forget about the many smaller still valuable scholarships out there. For example, experts at CNBC claim that the chances of getting major athletic scholarships are slim for most students — especially non-traditional students — but lesser-known scholarships can be surprisingly easy to score.

Aside from more traditional and well-known funding opportunities like the Gates Millennium Scholars Program or the Rhodes Scholarship, there are also several pretty unusual scholarships available, as Carrington College points out. There are generous scholarships for Dr. Pepper lovers, talented duck callers, and Klingon enthusiasts. They can in fact range from several hundred to several thousands of dollars in value. If you’re wondering how to land one, here are three tips:

Highlight Unusual Talents

You may have taken flak in the past for your unusual talents. But with the right scholarship, that unique ability can pay for your college education. For example, the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest awards $2,000 to the most talented duck caller.

Pursue Unique Interests

Perhaps you don’t have a unique talent or are not aware of it yet — but you’d like to develop one. Many scholarships are offered for unusual areas of study, in the hopes of getting students interested. If you’re a Trekkie and like the idea of studying Klingon, you’re a natural fit for the Klingon Language Institute’s scholarship.

Make Your Resume Pop

According to the Wall Street Journal, the right hobby can make your resume stand out, thereby possibly improving your chances of landing your dream job. Simply claiming you have a rare hobby isn’t good enough. You’re far more likely to impress prospective employers if you can prove that you received a scholarship due to your unique talent.

Grants and scholarships can ease the transition back into student life, allowing you to focus more on your studies and less on your financial situation. Use your valuable experiences to your full advantage, and don’t be afraid to try for unusual scholarships.


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