Is The Money Couple Different Than Dave Ramsey

Is The Money Couple Different Than Dave Ramsey?

Is The Money Couple Different Than Dave Ramsey?

People call us the “Dave Ramsey for couples,” or the “kinder, gentler Dave Ramsey.” Clever folks even say, we’re “A Dave Ramsey/Gary Chapman swirl cone.”

Wow! We are honored to be compared to Dave and we respect Dave’s message and passion. But a quick comparison shows, The Money Couple is different, very different.

Here’s a start:

1.  Dave focuses on “finance,” your budget, debt, insurance etc.

We focus on money … the every day approach we all have towards each money decision. {Read more Money minute link}

2. The 5 Money Personalities is our foundation.

{Money Personality Profile}. A straight-forward profile, to help you and your spouse understand how you approach daily money decisions. You can also explore your Primary and Secondary Money Personality and your Opposite Dynamic. We give you tools to handle your EVERYday money approach differences with your spouse, your children and your loved ones.

3. Decades of financial planning has taught us you must understand yourself BEFORE you tackle either your financial planning or daily money decisions.

Why do you make money decisions the way you do. Why does your spouse? Are you a Saver, Spender, Risk Taker, Security Seeker or a Flyer?  What is your primary personality; your secondary? If you understand your perspective of money, as well as your spouse’s perspective, it opens your eyes to how money impacts just about every decision you make.

4.  As couples we have different aspects to our relationships.

We have a physical relationship, an emotional relationship and (we will argue) a financial relationship AND a money relationship. Dave Ramsey focuses on finances and even sometimes couples’ financial relationships. As The Money Couple, we focus on your money relationship first and your financial relationship second.  It is crucial to understand, nurture and respect your money relationship and that of your partner, especially if you’re sharing a bank account with them.

The Money Couple helps you see how you and your spouse deal with everyday money decisions and we arm both of you with knowledge to avoid the disagreements that money decisions always seem to present. Are you going to make coffee at home or grab a double mocha from Starbucks? Will you take public transportation to work or drive your car? Will those new shoes come from Nordstrom or Payless? The differences we have over those everyday decisions start to erode the trust and mutual respect that are the heart of a healthy marriage.

5.  Dave says, “It’s ALL about getting out of debt.”

We say, “Congratulations, you’re out of debt, but if you hate each other along the way, what good is getting out of debt?” (That may be a little harsh, but we want you to see the difference.) We train couples how to think about and deal with the different ways they view money.

We respect Dave Ramsey, but like you and your spouse, we differ.  The Money Couple helps you learn a whole new way of thinking about and dealing with money.

Thank you for your support and understanding of these key differences. We’d love to hear from you about the ways you have noticed we are different from Dave.

You can dig deeper and foster even more peace in your home with our new book: The 5 Money Personalities – Speaking The Same Love And Money Language. Pre-order it today.

Make it Happen!

Scott and Bethany Palmer

6 thoughts to “Is The Money Couple Different Than Dave Ramsey?

  • EnvoyHolly

    I’ve never heard anyone other than The Money Couple talk about a Money Relationship, but when you stop and think about it, it comes up countless times a day. A strained Money Relationship can cause tension, resentment and ultimately, lead to a couple’s demise. Thank you to The Money Couple for bringing the Money Relationship to light and providing tips and tools for communicating with a spouse about money.

  • envoytleach

    It is great to get some context on the differences between you both. Both are great messages and need to be heard by many. It is great to see someone that wants to help couples with not only their finances but also their relationship to each other.

  • DaleDeMarchi

    I appreciate the difference and clarification.  Both messages are needed and helpful.  You won’t succeed if you don’t have a plan to save, get out of debt, manage your money, etc. Your relationship won’t survive if you rigidly use an arbitrary budget without understanding how each of you approaches money. Thanks for your message!

  • ksamuel

    The light bulb went on for me when my husband and I took your Money Personality Profile. Aha! That’s why we look at money and expenditures so differently! But what a difference it has made for us to be able to communicate from the Money Personality because we both understand the other’s Money Personality. While we are striving to get out of debt, we are working together on all those money decisions along the way to accomplish this mutual goal.

  • Envoy Paula

    Relationships matter with everything….church, family, friends and work!  Understanding how two people love one another and want to spend the rest of their lives together and then all of sudden…. can’t understand one another.
     Chances are it revolved around some kind of money situation – buying football tickets to be with the boys or buying a new outfit at Nordstroms! 
    I have had the pleasure of attending The Money Couple conference; I’m a true believer in the methods of your successful approaches! THEY WORK!!!

  • Curtman40

    I think both of you are positive but have different deliveries the key is for the person that is listening is to ensure that you are solving problems, which I believe your are.


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