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Katie Couric’s Money Personality Revelation

I was in the airport thumbing through People magazine and came across an article about Katie Couric. I have always admired her because she has had to raise two girls after her husband died of Cancer. Being a cancer survivor myself, I am often drawn to cancer stories.

In the article she talked about what she admired about her new man, (she recently got engaged) and this is the OKatie CouricNE thing she said: I knew he was a keeper when he agreed to go to the grocery store with my mom and me, and he helped her find a generic version of her pain reliever for less money. Mom’s a big bargain hunter, and John rose to the occasion. I thought, “Wow, this guy is pretty great.”

Can you believe it? The ONE thing Katie mentioned about her awesome man, John, was that HE spoke HER MOMS Money Personality. WOW! What to learn from this? Here are a couple of things:

1. Speak the Money Personality language of your Mother-in-law (or future Mother-in-law).

He did a great job of observing what would mean a lot to her – if it is generic brand pain reliever, then so be it! Notice which Money Personalities your family members have. You could even email out the Money Personality Assessment and have them officially find out.

2. Observe the Money Personalities of those around you.

One of the things that John did was he observed what would mean a lot to his potential Mother-in-law and went for it

3. Get out of your comfort zone.

Our observation, after reading up on John, is that he probably isn’t a Saver (taking Katie all over town, nice restaurants, adventurous outings) and he probably doesn’t care about generic brand pain relievers but he got out of HIS comfort zone and spoke HER Saver language and touched Katie’s heart!

Thanks Katie for sharing what “turned you on” about your man! Reading our new book, The 5 Money Personalities will help you keep that love alive! When you hear other stories like this, let us know through comments below, Facebook or Twitter.  It’s so inspiring to see how love is growing, around our country, as relationships are changed through knowing each others Money Personalities, accepting them and working through differences!

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