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Congratulations! You are on your way to discovering your child’s 2 Money Personalities. Submit your information below and you will be emailed a link to the Assessment. The email will give you the option of starting an Assessment, with age appropriate questions, for a 5-12, 13-17 or 18-25 year old. If your child is young, please guide them through the questions however, let them answer them honestly and do not push them to answer them the way you would or the way you think they SHOULD answer them.

What’s next?

The 5 Money Conversations to Have with Your Kids
So you know your Kids 2 Money Personalities.  Now you have a tool to walk you through step by step and learn how to communicate with them effectively.  We suspect our parenting goals are likely the same as yours — no spoiled brats, no crippling debt, and kids who know a dollar actually takes work.  That’s why we wrote The 5 Money Conversations to Have with Your Kids at Every Age and Stage.  It is loaded with practical advice for dealing with three age groups 5-12,13-17 and 18-25.  We promise it will be your parenting money “how to” book you don’t want to live without.

We give you relationship secrets, share our experiences, and make it fun.  Whether your kids are 5 or 25, this book will change the course of your family forever!


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Know your kids betterAdditional Background to the Kids Assessment

Every parent wants their child to have the best life possible. Knowing how your child deals with money is part of a successful future for your child. We’re not talking about fame and fortune. Knowing their 2 Money Personalities means:

  • less stress,
  • the ability to avoid financial pitfalls in life,
  • less debt,
  • and happier relationships.

Who wouldn’t want that for their child? The Money Personality Assessment for kids is FREE, confidential and a great way to help them have the best future possible. Each Money Personality Assessment was designed with age appropriate questions all geared to reveal their 2 Money Personalities.  For the younger kids, be sure to go through it with them but encourage them to answer the questions how they really think and feel, not how they think YOU would WANT them to answer. (Encourage your older kids to do the same).

We have 3 different Money Personality Assessments. Each with different age appropriate questions.

  • Age 5-12
  • Age 13-17
  • Age 18-25

Congratulations Mom and Dad for beginning the journey towards having great money kids!