marrying money personalities

Marrying Money Personalities

Scott and I just got back from the beautiful wedding of Scott’s college friend, Keith. It was gorgeous event and everyone there had so much fun!

The rehearsal dinner, the toasts, and the wedding ceremony all reflected the bride and groom’s tremendous love for each other. But all those events also seemed to have an additional theme – Keith’s love of adventure.

At each new venue someone else was telling a “crazy Keith” story. One of the groomsman told a story about a guy’s weekend with Keith years ago. At the time all of the men except Keith were married and really just wanted some down time, but noooo, Keith drug them canoeing, hiking, and fromone adventure to another. Each storyteller loved ribbing Kim about her wild ride ahead. As you can imagine, she wasn’t too surprised.

The Opposite Money Personality Dynamic

Scott and I hwedding-photo-green-hairad known for years that Keith was a Risk Taker, but we were interested to learn about another side of Keith…The stories continued: “So we get all the way out there, and we all wanted to rent a car but Keith didn’t want to pay for it!” And “So we’re all ready to go out to eat, but Keith wanted to fix stuff there and eat at home.” So Keith is obviously a Saver too.

Every individual has a Primary and a Secondary Money Personality, and they don’t necessarily have to make sense together.  Some people’s Money Personalities aren’t as easy to pinpoint as Keith’s, but it is really worth getting to know our loved ones’ Money Personalities so we can speak their language and love them well.

We’d like to offer some advice to Kim for speaking Keith’s love and money language:

  1. Highlight the Adventure in things – whether it’s having kids, planning meals, or swabbing the deck and you’ll speak to his Risk Taker Money Personality.
  2. Keep an eye out for the best deal – this will speak to his Saver Money Personality.
  3. Find out, “How much is enough for our savings account?” Savers don’t usually think there is ever enough in savings, but asking him will help him think it through and give you an idea of what he’s thinking.
  4. Find opportunities to speak to each of his Money Personalities and he will continue to feel loved for a lifetime.

And Keith, make sure you ask Kim to tell you her Money Personalities before your first month’s anniversary. We’re certain you’re going to love this new adventure!

Identify your Primary and Secondary Money Personalities today with our scientific & confidential online Money Personality Assessment.

Now, toss the bouquet our way, and tell us about the Money Personalities you’ve seen at weddings.

Scott & Bethany Palmer

3 thoughts to “Marrying Money Personalities

  • jim conrad

    I wonder how things would be today, financially, if I was like I am today. The problem is that experience and life hadn’t happened yet. It has taken over 25 years to get a grasp on finances. People change as they get older. Staying away from your own cynicism and focusing on what can be done can be frustrating.


    this is the kind of stories that Trudy likes to
    hear it was a very good story thanks for sharing it with me scott and Bethany palmer.
    sincerely yours
    Trudy hall

  • Terilyn

    What do you do when the spouse doesn’t want to disclose what they are doing with the finances and there are two sets of money rules.


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