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The Money Couple offers expertise, fun, practical advice & years of media and TV experience from Good Morning America to the Hallmark Channel and as the resident experts on their local, Denver Morning Show.

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At home with large audiences of thousands or a smaller group, Scott & Bethany bring an engaging, practical, light-hearted, game-changing presentation.

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Memorable, and relevant: The Money Couple keeps listeners tuned in with their practical, game-changing advice in a back-and-forth humorous exchange between a happy, engaging husband and wife team.

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Scott & Bethany Give You:

Scott & Bethany each have 25 years of financial advising experience handling multi-million dollar accounts, authoring 5 books, consulting on TV and radio, and have worked with a Stanford statistical scientist to create a tool used by thousands. Their advice is grounded in research, decades of experience, and a successful track record.

The Money Couple  appears on hundreds of Radio and Television shows, from CNN, FOX, The Hallmark Channel, the Denver Everyday Show, to The Brian Kilmeade Radio show, podcasts, to Focus on the Family Radio. As a result their experienced, engaging style will put your hosts and audience at ease. Notably true professionals.

Scott & Bethany have been married for 20 years. Happily married! And it shows. Their chemistry and obvious love and respect for one another is a rare and unforgettable experience for audiences.

The Money Couple can crack up an entire  stadium of people or spread laughter rolling through a smaller group. And they know people learn better and remember the material when they’re engaged and enjoying themselves. Humor is a delightful bonus with these two.

Scott & Bethany’s laughter is infectious. Scott’s effortless humor cracks up the listeners and often Bethany too. He makes a joke…she gets the giggles…they take a rabbit trail here and there. They enjoy each other. They are a real, authentic couple viewers love to watch.

Bethany is a Stage 3 Breast Cancer survivor who readily shares their difficult journey to recovery, requiring 11 surgeries in one year when their sons were only 3 and 5 years-old. Scott shares the caretakers’ perspective and Bethany shares gritty photos and stories of her “at the bottom” to inspire others to dig deep and choose a great life every day.

Meet The Money Couple

Scott & Bethany Palmer, The Money Couple, are devoted to helping couples everywhere see eye-to-eye on day-to-day money decisions. During their four combined decades as financial advisors, they witnessed an increasing trend of marriages ending in divorce over money. After years of exploration and research, they discovered and identified The 5 Money Personalities.

Scott & Bethany are regulars on major, nationwide television and radio programs, and speak internationally about love and money. Native Californians, they currently enjoy an active Colorado lifestyle with their two sons, Cole and Cade.

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What Others Have To Say About  The Money Couple…..

  • Relatable “We love watching you both in action as you compliment one another every time.” – Mike and Monica
  • Relevant “Most notably of the guests we’ve booked so far this year, the Palmers were the best. We look forward to a return visit. Their energy, tag-team interview approach and of course information was right on point.” – Ramona, “The Satisfied Life”
  • Polished “The Palmers shine a bright and much needed light on the biggest problem most couples face: money. Packed with easy-to-use tools, this book will help you assess and dramatically improve the health of your financial and intimate relationships.” – Brent Kessel, CFP, author of It’s Not About the Money
  • Solving real issues “I keep reminding couples that challenges such as financial problems should be met by turning ‘to’ each other, and not by turning ‘on’ each other. This book goes a long way to helping couples become a team.” – Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Internationally Syndicated Radio Talk Host, Author of In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms
  • A great fit for your station or publication! “[The Palmers] offer practical help and hope to those who long to deftly navigate the unpredictable waters of financial fidelity. The sooner you adopt the Palmer’s no-nonsense balanced perspectives – the better off you will be – in many more ways than one!” – Ellie Lofaro, author of Spaghetti for the Soul

Their Love & Money Blog

We invite you to learn more by reading through Scott & Bethany’s Love and Money Blog. They are able to draw on years of financial experience and share a free newsletter full of proven tips and tricks.

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