Below is a list of published articles, downloadable pdfs, and links to a sampling of articles written by The Money Couple. – 5 Holiday Budgeting Tips – 5 Reasons Why Money Is The #1 Cause Of Divorce – 5 Ways To Prevent Money From Ruining Your Marriage – Can God Use Debt To Improve Your Relationships? – Don’t Let Lifestyle Creep Steal Your Raise

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published articles – You Can’t Always Anticipate A Huge Expense

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published articles – 3 Ways to Kill Your Happiness By ‘Keeping Up with the Joneses’ – The 3 Things That May Help Save a Failing Marriage – Getting an F in Marriage? 3 Assignments to Help You Pass – Dating And Dollars: How to Mix Love And Money In Your Twenties – Save Your Bank As You Save the Date – How to Handle a Loan Request from Adult Kids – You Can Be a Cheerful Giver – The Best Ways to Prevent Money Arguments With Your Spouse – How and When to Have “The Money Talk” – Are You a Good Money Match?

Can We Talk About Money, Honey? – 3 Reasons Not To Be Homeowners Before Marriage – Are You and Your Date Money Compatible? – Why Your Relationship Needs a Report Card – Financial Infidelity: The Downfall of Too Many Marriages – The 5 Money Personalities (and your marriage) – How financial infidelity affects your relationship.


1/18/13 Press Release – National Book Tour, Media Appearances and Social Media Platforms – Knowing your 2 Money Personalities  keeps your relationship strong. – Five realistic financial New Year’s resolutions. – Interview about the The Money Couple’s new book, The 5 Money Personalities™: Speaking the Same Love and Money Language. – How to own up to Financial Infidelity.

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