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It’s Good to Dream
Updated: January 07, 2021

Can a dream improve your relationship? Do you have a bucket list?

Have you heard someone say they are adding something to their “bucket list”?

Bucket List

Don’t think of a big, orange bucket that smells like a hamster cage. A bucket list is a compilation of activities a person wants to do before they die.

Why is it called a “bucket list”?


Well, we had to look it up.

Apparently, the list contains items to accomplish or see or experience before one “kicks the bucket”. Ugh. Okay. Not a happy visual, but a good idea.

Research shows actually writing down something you’d like to accomplish makes you 80% more likely to do it.

So our New Year, New Money You Challenge #4 is to make a dream list. No bucket needed. We recommend you and your spouse pick 3 money dreams for this year. Three things you would like your money to accomplish for you in the next 365 days.

It can be three small things or one big thing and two small, or any combination that makes your day “in the trenches” seem more worthwhile.

  •      Sign up for the class you have been wanting to take
  •      Take your kids out individually, each month
  •      Go on a vacation together
  •      Paint your house
  •      Read a motivational book each month
  •      Sponsor a child
  •      Save money

Let your mind DREAM and DREAM Big!

Write those 3 money goals on sticky notes for the mirror, the fridge, or your car. Or put those 3 items on a monthly or weekly reminder on your phone’s calendar. Whatever it takes to keep the goals in front of you.

You work hard for your money; make sure this year it works hard for you.

Taylor & Megan Kovar

The Money Couple

Taylor & Megan Kovar posing at the Fredonia Hotel in Nacogdoches Texas

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