money opposites attract

When Money Opposites Attract

The other day we were talking to a young lady and she was telling us about her Saver Money Personality – she gets a darn right thrill out of the coupon section in the Sunday paper! Our comment to her was, “we bet your fiancé is the exact opposite.”  She said… “YOU’RE RIGHT, HOW DID YOU KNOW?”  We both smiled. 

Opposites Attract

We are ALL attracted to our opposite and then end up marrying them – they make us complete.  Money opposites attract and then once married, Money opposites ATTACK. (Tweet This)  We want this “attacking” to stop…really people, it doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s bring the LOVE back!!

We are strong supporters that you should never marry your money before you say, “I do”, but understanding each others Money Personalities is a “must do.”  Understand your differences and understand them quickly. Be sure to take our Scientific & Confidential Online Money Personality Assessment and then pick up a copy of our new book, “The 5 Money Personalities”  to understand your differences.  We want every couple to have AMAZING relationships and we want to stop Money from getting in the way!!

We would love to hear from you! How does money get in the way of your GREAT relationship, and how have you worked to overcome this?

Scott & Bethany Palmer

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  • Tiffany Giehls

    My husband and I have gone thru Dave Ramsey’s program twice and currently we are paying my car off which would lead to just having a house payment and next step would be to save our big emergency fund( 3-6 months income).Last night he dropped a bombshell and wants to finance a used convertible that’s currently around $30,000!!!!He says he will lose 60 pounds in the next 6 months and if he loses the weight he the car!!!!I of course wondered who kidnapped my husband and put this fool next tome.He is pouting like a child.Any suggestions would be welcome!!! Thank you!!


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