money personalities impact debt

How do Your Money Personalities Impact Debt?

Money Personalities affect not just how you approach money, but how you feel about it. No one loves debt, but some Money Personalities impact debt — and how much you worry about it — more than others. If you are a primary Saver or Security Seeker, debt worries may follow you around like a gloomy rain cloud, while Spenders, Flyers, and Risk Takers don’t seem to notice.

Debt Worries and Money Personalities

We know that mounds and mounds of credit card debt can be a huge weight on your shoulders – we get it, we have been there and crawled out of it and had a big sigh of relief.  But honestly, I (Bethany) didn’t “sigh” like Scott did. Here is why:  I am a Spender/Risk Taker – I don’t get as stressed about it when we have debt and I don’t get quite as excited about getting out of debt either. See, my Money Personalities aren’t as affected by debt as Scott’s are.  

He is a Spender/Security Seeker and that Security Seeker is pretty darn upset by it.  I remember when we got out of debt.  Scott was about ready to bring all of our friends over to celebrate.  I was amazed by how excited he was and I thought maybe there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t quite get as excited about getting out of debt as he was. I seriously thought there was something wrong with me. Then, I took a step back, and asked myself, “Do my 2 Money Personalities have anything to do with why I am not as excited?”  Of course they do.  My Spender/Risk Taker combination isn’t going to be as stressed about getting into debt. And my Spender/Risk Taker combination isn’t going to be as excited to get out of debt, either.

Can you relate? Do you have Spender, Risk Taker or Flyer as one of your Money Personalities? Do you not fret about debt as much as others?  Did you think there was something wrong with you? We are here to tell you that having mounds and mounds of credit card debt can be painful, but understand that there may be a reason why you aren’t as stressed as you Saver or Security Seeker friends.  Let us know if you can relate – we love to see comments below :-).  (Don’t know what your 2 Money Personalities are click HERE to find out NOW!)

6 thoughts to “How do Your Money Personalities Impact Debt?

  • David Rutledge

    This is good. Have you ever looked at how a pastor of a church spends money and then how the church spends money. There is a direct correlation.

    I am retiring next year but I have been living on the amount of money that I will get in retirement for 3 years with the exception of giving and taxes. I did save the excess.

    Keep up the good work

    • The Money Couple

      Thank you for your comments. OH YES – it starts from the leader and drops down and infiltrates into the whole church. It doesn’t matter it is a household, a business, a church. Whoever is “leading” the money, and the way they handle it, will get filtered down throughout the organization. And here is the thing, the people who are “under” them, if their Money Personalities are different will fight it all along the way!! So let’s say the CEO of a Corporation is a RiskTaker/Spender and the CFO is a Saver/Security Seeker imagine how they “bump” into each other. That is why leadership needs to know their Money Personalities and understand how they can work together for some checks and balances instead of fighting each other. Same thing in a church and same thing in a relationship. Learn how your 4 Money Personalities, in any relationship, can work together. The Money Personalities of people don’t change – you just grow, learn and mature and hopefully figure out how to work together. We know that this is the root of many marriages breaking up today. Please, please, please know your 2 Money Personalities, both get the Money & me Blueprint (17 page report) and learn each other! Woot!

  • Jason Jorgenson

    When we got out of debt and just achieved $20K in the bank for savings, we were so excited we could barely sleep that night. Tiffany and I are both kinda spenders but knowing that we had no debt besides our 15yr mortgage and $20k for a big emergency fund, we wouldn’t want it any other way. Your biggest wealth building tool is your income. If you money isn’t freed up to start saving into ROTHs or other retirement vehicles because you have car payments or other consumer debt, you’re delaying your retirement goals drastically. Now we can fully fund each of our ROTHs, start saving for our son, and attack our mortgage in the next 8 years. Just our thoughts, but no debt is the way to be!

    • The Money Couple

      Thank you for your comments. We think the most important thing is that you are both on the same wavelength and that took being super intentional about it, talking about it, working together! Woot! Way to go!

  • Lisa

    Thank you. I thought there was something wrong with me (security seker) and he didnt care enough…it makes me crazy. I worry about it all the time and he says, it will all work out. I will be equally as excited as your husband when the debt is gone. It really is an albetros

    • The Money Couple

      Thank you for your feedback – yes it is always nice to know you are not alone 🙂


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