Money Relationship Assessment

Money Relationship Assessment

Money Relationship assessment


Why take a Money Relationship Assessment?

You know when you wash your windows and they look fine up close, but then you take a step back and there are streaks everywhere?

Some marriages are like that. It’s hard to see the streaks without a little help. And if you ignore the streaks, you won’t see as clearly.

Our FREE, confidential, online Money Relationship Assessment helps you see clearly, on a scale of 1-100, how your relationship is doing when it comes to money.

Every relationship is unique. No combination of two people on this earth looks exactly like you two.

Every couple has different challenges, victories, struggles, and stories. So no one is trying to rank a winner and a loser, but wouldn’t it be nice to use a tool to point out blind spots or even strengths you hadn’t considered before?

Is your relationship headed in the right direction?  Does your relationship need a little help or are you going down a path that will lead to relationship strife?  Identifying where you stand helps you and your partner establish a solid foundation upon which to grow.  Congratulations for Making it Happen!

To get the most out of the Money Relationship Assessment, take the following steps:

  1. You complete the assessment on your own
  2. Your spouse or partner take the assessment on their own
  3. When you are both ready, share your answers and your score
  4. Pick up a copy of The 5 Money Personalities: Speaking the Same Love and Money Language. This resource is relatable, fun and a relationship changer.

TO TAKE THE MONEY RELATIONSHIP ASSESSMENT click the button below. Once you submit your name & email you will be taken to the assessment.

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