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Money Challenge #1: Apps for the Best Money “You”
Updated: January 01, 2021

Stop Waiting. Today’s The Day. “New Money You” Challenge #1. Are you ready to use apps for the best Money “You” year ever?

Start your year off right.

(Don’t worry if it’s not January 1! Plenty of large corporations run their fiscal year counter to the calendar year. Now you do too!)shutterstock_209147968

CHALLENGE #1 — APPy New Year!

Start the year off right with a new money app!

Mostly free, money apps make life easier and manage the boring details.

We know you are saying, “I don’t even know where to start”.  Here is where the challenge comes in….just….START!  If you don’t have any money apps, get one, if you have one, get another.

Here are a few money apps we love:
  • Create a budget hassle-free — Mint
  • Track a project or travel expenses – Wally
  • Send money or share expenses – Venmo
  • Manage household or business expenses – Quickbooks
  • Save money painlessly – Qapital

There are tons of apps out there. Find the one that helps you where you need it most. Don’t let the billions of apps or your finances overwhelm you. Take a look at these, or browse your device’s App Store for more high-rated money apps!

“When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time.” U.S. General Creighton Abrams

Take a nibble here and a nibble there.

To help encourage your “money-munching”, we’d like to suggest 5 New Year, New Money You challenges–little bites you can take to start your financial year off right. Here’s to checking #1 of the list. (Watch for #2.)

APPy New Year to you!

Taylor & Megan


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