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New Year, New Money You: Invest in Yourself
Updated: January 14, 2021

New Year, New You Challenge #2: How to invest in yourself this New Year… to make it your Best. Year. Ever.

Are you having an “APPy New Year”? Remember Challenge #1? – Start the New Year off with a new money app. We want you to be APPy! Most apps are free and help you create a hassle-free budget, track travel expenses, send money, or manage your household finances.

You can catch up on Challenge #1 and jump right into Challenge #2 …. Welcome to the best Money You Year Ever!

CHALLENGE #2: INVESTING (it’s easier than you think.)

Do you have a “Negative Nelly” in your life?

Someone who always seems to have something negative to share?

Our Negative Nelly stopped us in the neighborhood the other day and said, “New Year’s a-coming! Another year older! Not getting any younger!”

The guy should work for Hallmark.

But when we got home, Megan said, “You know, I hate to admit it, but he’s right. We won’t live this year again, and we aren’t getting any younger.”

Now, Megan mentioned the passing of the year with a twinkle in her eye because that’s who she is. She’s eternally positive, and she doesn’t like to waste a minute! She sees the passing year as a challenge, a reminder that we what do with this day matters.

So challenge #2 of the New Year, “New Money You” challenge is: invest.

Invest today—right now– for a better future.

Pick one of these areas to invest in:

  1.      Future
  2.      Education
  3.      Savings for something BIG


Here are some tips:


  • If you have a retirement plan at work – run to your HR department and get the forms to increase your contribution at least to the match.  Do it!
  • Start an automatic savings plan – start with as little or a lot each month and have it automatically swept into your savings
  •  Try an app like Qapital – every time you purchase something it will take the “round up” to the nearest dollar and stick that in savings


  • Look into a section 529 savings plan – a good option to grow your college savings tax-free.
  • Sign up for an online class today – If you want an education you have got to go get it.  My (Megan’s) grandmother, “Grams” use to say, “Education can never be taken away from you”.
  • Make sure you and your spouse agree on how much you will contribute towards your children’s college or agree on if you will at all.

      Savings for something BIG!

  • You often say, “If only I could get…..” – not this year!  Start imagining that something special in your life and start saving for it today.
  • Chunk the cost down into bite-sized pieces and get to work.
  • You can do this.  This is your year!!!

Don’t forget about investing in your local church and/or charity.  Giving is such a great way to make your year great too!

Remember…..you don’t need a million dollars to get started. The popular app, Stash, lets you start investing with only $5.

Invest today. Start your nest egg growing – today.

You will feel better and you’ll have something positive to share with Negative Nelly next time you pass.

Make it Happen,

Taylor & Megan Kovar

The Money Couple


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