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Planning a Christmas Party with Your Spouse
Updated: December 22, 2020 |
Taylor Kovar, CFP

How to Plan a Christmas Party as a Couple

Christmas parties are such fun! But planning a Christmas party with your spouse can take some planning and shopping. A party’s fun and games can disappear quickly if the couple doesn’t consider their differing Money Personalities.

Jim and Kara’s Christmas Party

Our friends Kara and Jim moved to town several years ago. This year they finally felt sufficiently connected and settled to gather their new-found friends for a Christmas party.

Jim didn’t have to ask Kara twice. Her Money Personalities are Risk Taker (Primary), and Spender (secondary).  A new party with new friends, brand-new Christmas décor, yet-to-be tried recipes, maybe a special Christmas gift for each new friend … oh, the prospects of these new adventures stokes the fires of Kara’s Risk Taker Money Personality, and her Spender is set and ready to swipe! Kara is a great partner to plan a party with because she sees the many, merry possibilities … but she doesn’t always see the budget clearly unless she processes some specifics (usually with Jim) before her sleigh leaves the garage.

Money Personality Dynamic

You see, Jim is a Saver/Security Seeker. He doesn’t see the need for new Christmas décor, presents for everyone and fancy hors d’oeuvers just to hang out with their friends, But he also wouldn’t have even thought to have the party—which he’s quite excited about. His Security Seeker sees the future value of their friendships and certainly doesn’t want to put a price on that, but his Saver Money Personality is already feeling strained with the enormous pile of presents under their Christmas tree. But just like that “some assembly required” bicycle for their son, they got it all figured out.

Money Huddle Saves the Day

Kara and Jim hosted a terrific party and you could tell they both thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Their previously scheduled Money Huddle landed in a perfect spot on the calendar for them to discuss the party as a team: their concerns, their excitement, and all of the potential expenses.

It gave them a safe forum to make several, fairly easy compromises that pleased both Money Personalities. They decided to involve their foodie friends and saved some money by asking everyone to bring their favorite holiday treats to share.

Kara did buy some brand-new festive décor for the house but she looked for items that could be used for Christmas. AND the rest of winter (satisfying both her Spender and Jim’s Security Seeker personalities).

We should also mention our sides still hurt from the hysterical, high-energy White Elephant Gift Exchange which was a memorable time for all of us. And a large money saver for Jim and Kara. They honored each others’ Money Personalities without any compromise to their wonderful party. Now that’s a MERRY Christmas!

We wish you joy in this season as you celebrate together, your differences, and your similarities.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours,
Taylor & Megan


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