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Improve your marriage and your life with customized, one-on-one coaching with Scott and/or Bethany Palmer. Online curriculum isn’t for everyone, so let’s dig in together and make your relationship the very best it can be with The Money Couple coaching!

  Step 1: Discover your Money Personalities

Help us make our time together productive, by taking the time to learn your 2 Money Personalities (15 minutes). Most people have a good idea of their Primary, but the Secondary Money Personality is often a surprise or an “a-ha” for a lot of individuals. Take the Money Personality Assessment today for FREE:

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Unlock the key to a healthier, wealthier life

 Step 2: Confirm the length of your session:

Let us know length of session works best for you:

  • 30 minutes ($150)
  • 1 hour ($250)

Step #3: Select a topic you would like to discuss:

  • Money and relationships
  • Parenting and money
  • Challenges as a couple
  • Past money challenges
  • Cancer recovery support
  • Other


Step #4: Choose your Coach

Select your preferred coach for your initial meeting, choose between Scott, Bethany, or request to meet with both Scott and Bethany. You may choose to change this selection for future sessions.

We look forward to our session together.

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